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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by io-85729 7 / 10

Good but expected more

This movie is actually not bad. I've seen a lot of people confused to why the movie is called Monday but it only shows Friday. Well here's the explanation:

Friday symbolizes an inciting incident in the couple's life, Monday symbolizes both, the conclusion of the previous chapter and beginning of a new chapter in their life.

For example, It was on a Friday night when they met. It was on a Friday when they both decided to move in together. It was on a Friday when Chloe learns about her pregnancy and it was on a Friday Christmas eve when they prepared for Hector's arrival.

From Friday, the couple struggled against odds, dodging or facing the conflicts and growing together. No matter what the outcome of their effort is, there is always Monday for them. Monday worked like a reset button in their relationship. It was on this day when they let go of the past and begin again, again.

The message here is, all couples need a symbolic Monday in their life. No matter how hard or horrible the past weekend/ or week was, we should be able to just start the new week with new enthusiasm and passion. The passion two people in love promised each other when they spelled, "forever."

Once you understand that, the movie becomes 100% better!! I think it needed more depth to the characters because they were pretty "simple" but, overall, the movie is good.

Reviewed by bianka1425 8 / 10 was hard and painful to watch

We can see a REAL relationship, the ups and downs, the uplifting first weeks when you fly above the clouds. But IMO these ups doesn't make the downs worth it. And the downs are so depressing that those minutes reminded me my past relationships and reminded me why I should remain single. Because that's how a real relationship looks like and not many movies want to show us this way...they use a lot of sugarcoat instead.

(The flashbacks were so intense I had to take many breaks while watching the movie just to think about something else and not about how foolish, irresponsible and unbridled we were.)

It is not a bad movie, there's nothing wrong with. I just felt really uncomfortable watching it and even Sebastian Stan could not make me feel better.

Reviewed by audreytherris 5 / 10

Nice movie but need more backstory

Shoutout to Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough for their amazing potrayal of such complex character. It is a nice movie but it is hard to understand. You can easily understand Mickey characters by his behaviour and stuff but it is opposite with Chloe. We know so little about her, her struggle, why was she broke up with Christos? Why was she attended the first party in the first place if she didnt know Argyris? I have a lot of question and it is hard to understand just by seeing her with Mickey. I know the concept of this movie is great and wild weekend and then Monday reality hit you again. But throughout the movie the Fridays are far more highlighted than the Mondays and the Mondays should have potrayed more explosive and emotionaly draining.

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