Messenger of Wrath


Action / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.6 10 102


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MrPither1939 1 / 10


This is bad. The actors have all the talent of a vintage Frigidaire stove. You can tell they have all watched movies and attempted to deliver lines like an actor would but they fail miserably. The story jumps all over the place for no reason. If the director did have a reason for it then a great deal of drugs were involved in that decision. Party City should be credited for the special effects (plastic masks). If you are in need of something to waste your time, please watch a roll of aluminum foil instead of this movie.

Reviewed by FriendGod 7 / 10

I enjoyed it!

Fun movie, though a bit messy. Could've benefited from some major editing and reduced run-time. I enjoyed the cast and the mysterious killer was ultra-cool. Nice choreography during the final showdown as well. In all, I'd say it's an enjoyable movie considering it's almost non-existent budget.

Reviewed by saramgia 2 / 10


Bad acting, direction, script, camera work, lighting, annoying background sound that I think is supposed to be background music. No makeup, special effects, visual effects. The only good point was the killer's motivation, around which a decent movie could have been written and made. With really bad movies of which I want to see the resolution, I fast forward a lot, which I recommend. Or skip it.

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