Meitantei Conan: Zero no Shikkônin


Action / Adventure / Animation / Crime / Family / Mystery / Thriller

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Brad Venable as News Anchor
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Ray Chase as Yuya Kazami
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KenlightL 10 / 10

One of the best conan movie

Just do yourself a favour and watch it. Won't say anything or else it may give away details. Its a detective conan movie so you know what to expect. Great story, insane twists, great characters and the magnificent and adorable conan.

Reviewed by sharicxxcr 10 / 10

Heavy and Emotional Plot

This movie is sure an amazing master piece. Compared to the past movies, this movie had depth. It's not as shallow as the other ones and interactions between Conan and Amuro had layers of meaning behind them. I am a loyal fan of Detective Conan. I watched and re-watched all 800+ episodes of Detective Conan plus its 21 movies but my favourite would be this one.

I would not recommend this movie to people who never or barely watched Detective Conan before. People would get confused over who is Amuro and his importance in the film. He was a member of the black organization, as said in the series, but he is actually a spy and number one man in Japan. Conan's relationship with him is indeed very different from anyone else in the series. It's different from Hitori or Shuichi, whom both are very talented men as well. Conan and Amuro both trust each other and even put their lives on the line for each other. However, their relationship can never be found out due to Amuro's multi identity. It was emotional for me at the end of the movie. Those two had arguments but when it came to Japan, they abandoned everything and risked their lives to save everyone. Amuro trusted Conan, and Conan also trusted him. The sad part was, the second they are finished, they had to part ways immediately. They didn't even congratulate themselves or let themselves have a rest. The last scene of Zero the Enforcer is Conan and Amuro walking in the opposite direction both with a bloody trail behind them.

This movie is not just about deduction, mystery, or love like the past movies. It showed us what Amuro, the man filled with secrets, was willing to abandon his life for. It showed us the true personality of Amuro and what he devoted himself into. He would even make Conan his enemy if he had to. Amuro is a real man.

Ok, I know I've said a lot, so let's get back to the movie. One big theme was the interaction between Conan, Amuro, and the national police bureau. Another one is the original thriller, mystery, and action Conan movies always provide us with. Of course like always, there's Conan's skateboarding skills, soccer skills, and deduction. This time, there's also Amuro's car drifting skills, parkour, and shooting skills. Both Conan and Amuro had been called scariest men ever met.

As a big ongoing anime series and movies, Conan is the first and only one I was able to continue chasing, watching, re-watching, and scrolling up my pages to refresh every single second when I know it's going to come out. The characters were developed very well. However, Ran, Haibara, Mori, the police, and all other characters were pretty left out and barely got mentioned here. They also cut the romantic part between Shinichi and Ran like what happened in every single past movie. They put the focus completely on Amuro and Conan.

You should watch it, but only after you understand Amuro.

Reviewed by aci_J 8 / 10

High octave, plot heavy

Unlike other films in the franchise, this film is very closely related to the canon of the main series, so it's very hard to recommend this film as an entry point. That being said, tying the film so closely to the canon allowed them to use Amuro as a main character in the film, and his chemistry with Conan is excellent. Obviously, Conan has had many great cooperators in the past, but the relationship he has with Amuro is wholly different from anything we've seen before - both of them distrust each other, and are constantly second guessing each other's motivation and actions.

In turn, the inclusion of Amuro in this film has altered the style of mystery storytelling that the series has always relied on in the past. This is because Amuro is actually a high-ranking member in the Black Organisation as Bourbon - making him one of Conan's main enemies. Therefore, it's pretty obvious from the beginning that he is behind the events of the film in some shape or form, thus making the film less of a straight-forward mystery then it is a thriller, as Conan tries to uncover Amuro's true role in the events, all the while trying to avoid drawing attention to himself.

Of course, mystery does feature in the film, as Conan still needs to figure out the true culprit behind the explosion at the Edge of Ocean facility as well as who framed Morui, but that's less of a focus this time around. That's not to say that previous films haven't also downplayed the mystery elements of the series, but that was in favor of setpieces and spectacle, most likely in an attempt to draw in new fans. As a result, because the formula of the series had been altered somewhat, I found myself immediately drawn into Zero's Executioner and the web of conspiracies surrounding Amuro's involvement, which surprised me given how forgettable previous movies have been. There's not many film series that can still engross you in their twenty-second entry, and I feel like I have to give Detective Conan some credit for that.

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