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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drcce2001 10 / 10

Excellent documentary about pressures on media publishers

The first thing that struck me about this documentary was how beautifully it was filmed. The stunning snow-capped mountain scenery of Central Asia in the opening shots got me hooked immediately. This is a road film that travels through some of the most remote and rugged territory in the world that is rarely seen by people in the West. It is where the old Silk Road used to run between Europe and China that is now a geopolitical battleground between East and West.

An intrepid team of Wikileaks supporters tours the capital cities of the "Stans", the Muslim states of former Soviet Central Asia, looking for local media organisations to partner with and to publish Cablegate files relevant to their countries. The interviews with local editors and journalists provide some sobering insights into the pressures on them from both local state authorities and their corporate owners. The negotiations with editors also shed light on the Wikileaks' approach to disclosures and the need to protect vulnerable people via redactions.

The team--including Swedish director Johannes Wahlstrom--enters a Swedish military base in northern Afghanistan and films a memorable encounter with the person in charge of development aid about the reality of her role in this military intervention.

The film ends up back in the West interviewing editors in the UK and US about the pressures they also face--hammering home the fact that it is not just publishers in dictatorships that face problems.

Highly recommended.

Reviewed by baylis_david-445-576572 10 / 10

Absolutely fascinating insight into the real WikiLeaks

This film follows a media team traveling down the old silk road across Central Asia contacting media organisations to partner with to publish Cablegate communications relevant to each country.

Fantastic fly on the wall point of view with artistic photography of beautiful terrain and scenery not usually seen. The soundtrack gives the film an urgent vitality that makes the whole gripping.

You learn truths about the countries view of their press freedom, and when it comes down to publishing the actual cables you see how a "free press" is in actuality quite rare.

Best Film I have seen in 2 years... Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by WebBeachBoy 10 / 10

Away from all the media hype for "The Fifth Estate" here is a 'true' jewel

I take a substantial interest in film and visit this site, in particular, every day. So it was a little surprising to me that whilst I had been submerged in the media tsunami of publicity for "The Fifth Estate" I had never heard of this documentary film released on 13th October 2013 (and available free to view for individuals for the coming weekend). It seems that, even if you give away your film for free, then it will be "dissapeared" unless some paid publicity agency pours endless copy onto the media to promote it. Where is objectivity ? The film reports on a tour by WikiLeaks personnel through the "stans" of central Asia interviewing publishers and editors who may be interested in publishing WikiLeaks material pertaining to their own countries. This film is quite remarkable in it's simplicity, not labouring the point, and letting the viewer make their own conclusions about bias in publishing organisations in countries. It also has it's unexpectedly funny moments such as one radio station (Radio "Liberty") chief saying "we are absolutely free (to say anything)" then the following day saying that he cannot do anything because his boss in Washington reminded him that his Afghanistaan radio station was funded by the American Congress. No roads but - tentacles are everywhere :) You may want to see "The Fifth Estate" - a little bit of fluff - but if you are interested in Wikileaks then watch this unbiased documentary film. At then end of it I realised how much the media had obeyed their puppet-masters and witch hunted Julian Assange.

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