Mars et Avril

2012 [FRENCH]

Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 47%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
IMDb Rating 6 10 776

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eliwilli2 8 / 10

Beautiful film

I think this film is exquisite and intelligent. Perhaps not made for the ordinary moviegoer and maybe a little bit too long, but certainly brilliant in its context and perfect visually. One must pay attention to detail to appreciate the depth of this artwork. Costumes, make up and hair did a magnificent job creating a "futuristic" look. What does the future hold? How will we dress, what will we drink, what will we do? The music and sound effects are magnificent, the visual effects are extraordinary. Futuristic Montreal is quite beautiful. Art department created a warmth that is perfectly in sync with the slow drawn out feeling of this new universe. If our future it is anything like this film where beauty and thought, where love and passion seem to be the principal motivators, I am looking forward to it. To appreciate the film, one must also listen carefully to the discourse about music, the universe and time and about love and beauty. I believe this film should be watched more than once.

Reviewed by wildandmild 9 / 10

So imaginative!!! Excellent Sci-Fi !!!

I saw this movie a few days ago and the strange and lyric atmosphere of it still haunts me! The music composed by Benoit Charest (Les Triplettes de Belleville) plays a very important part in it; the filmmaker asked him to compose brilliant music and well yes, he really is a genius!

Jacques Languirand has created a magnificent character, and the rest of the cast is as excellent. They are filmed in such an intimate way, we dive into their souls. The story is very intelligent, moving and unusual! I was deeply touched by it.

Of course this is not what we call a "commercial" movie and will not appeal to the vast majority. Don't expect big action and fights and tons of visual effects. Although it is visually superb, with some effects simply magnificent! The decors were created with such beauty by an established and very skilled comic strip artist. All the little details in costumes, hair add to this incredible vision of a futuristic Montreal.

This is all just indescribable! it is for those who like creativity, originality, strangeness and sci-fi, who liked such movies as "Moon", "Immortel (ad vitam)" and "The Man Who Fell to Earth", as well as "Blade Runner" probably, you might like this one very much!

Reviewed by JvH48 6 / 10

Due to abundance of high praises, a bit disappointed. Nice visualization of a possible future society, but waited too long for a story to emerge

I saw this film at the Imagine film festival 2013 in Amsterdam. I was disappointed while watching this movie, probably because of the high praises it received from all sources I consulted beforehand. No one complained that we had to wait at least half an hour before some story made its appearance, leaving us all that time wondering whether some sort of plot would came up, or even some message that the film makers wanted to get across. Even worse, after the plot emerges, the pace is still very slow and developments miss a logical binding element. The impression remains that visualizing a future society proved much more important for the film makers than presenting us a consistent story with characters we could identify ourselves with.

The music is wonderful. The visualizations we see with possible future variations on our society, is very nice indeed. For instance, the interviews with the astronauts before and during their voyage to Mars, are brought in a beautiful and promising format, different from what we see on our TV channels, and still very believable as a future setup. Also, the holographic figure we see giving a lecture and even eating in a restaurant, is also a nice way to liven up the movie, and to provoke ideas about future technical developments. I'm less certain about medical advancements, and certainly not in psychology if we can believe this film.

A definite role in the story has the futuristic public transporter mechanism (variation on the "beam me up" devices from the Star Trek series) shown in the film. Also a nice find is combining these devices with an implicit reference to the still living conspiracy theories about the moon landings we saw from 1969 to 1972, alleging that these were faked, and that the astronauts never left earth but were filmed in a moon-like décor. We see something similar happening here, and is an integral component in the story when Avril gets lost in the transporter while traveling together with aging musician Jacob.

Avril's love for retro devices is remarkable (black box camera, turntable with LP vinyl records, telephone with a dialer). It attracts our attention in this futuristic context. Her hobby forms a stark contrast with all other props in the film, and may be a bit far fetched. I see it as an indication that the film makers exaggerate in their attempts to be different. Avril's methods to make photographs of people who were asked to talk about themselves during the exposure time an old camera needs (as per her explanation), is a needless attempt to be different too.

All in all, I was disappointed in this movie, possibly (as said before) caused by all the positive comments I've read beforehand. Not everything is bad, however. There were nice attempts to picture what a possible future society may look like, places where other social conventions may exist, and of course that yet uninvented devices will be commodities, just as normal as our mobile phones are nowadays. Music will also be different, of course; we can expect different instruments to appear, producing sounds we cannot imagine at this moment.

Given all the above on the positive side, the narrative and the characters that were supposed to carry the story line, were unclear for at least half the running time. Only in hindsight could we construct some logic in what happened. That should not be necessary and better made apparent not after but rather during the movie. For the first half hour I felt a bit lost, and was wondering where all this was heading. When leaving the theater, I scored only a 3 (out of 5) for the audience award, considering too much emphasis on format and appearances, and too little (and too late) clarity about story and characters. Many will disagree, but so be it.

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