Marafon zhelaniy

2020 [RUSSIAN]

Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.4 10 700


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by catpantry 7 / 10


A girl could wind up meeting her life partner at the airport in this. Meanwhile 2 guys discuss their plan of power. They stand in an area (out of the light). One says, "is it possible, after all these years of planning and work?" The reply from a man with a titanium rail of bottom teeth: "No, planes can not be powered by diesel engines, but ah, lets give it a few more weeks."

Reviewed by boyar-jedi 8 / 10

Never give up on your dreams!

"Marafon zhelaniy" is a wonderful romantic comedy. It motivates and teaches us how to reach our goals despite any difficulties and problems. It's quite fresh and extremely feminine.

The plot is pretty standard. The provincial girl Marina, who works in a beauty salon, desperately wants to get married but the circumstances are against. So she has two options - surrender the destiny and give up dreaming or fight for future. The girl chooses the second one and buys a ticket to Khanty-Mansiysk since her best friend Liza signed them up for a motivational seminar with some magic coach in lead. Here Marina's adventures start.

I liked the idea of one-location action, furthermore the location is an airport. It reminded me The Terminal by Spielberg a little bit. Though, Marina's adventures are a little bit different. During the film we saw almost all the parts of airport starting from runway and ending with toilet.

Humor and characters make the movie. All of characters are interesting and close-to-life. Aglaya Tarasova, performing Marina, is marvelous. You can't stop admiring her. She is smart, hard-working, determined and very lovely. And her dialect is her highlight. The cast is superb.

There are no dirty or super stupid gags, humor is exquisite and light, I read that actors improvised a lot during the shooting so lots of jokes were invented on the spot, plus comedy guru Gudkov wrote dialogs.

I would recommend to watch the comedy to all the girls with a good sense of humor. You'll definitely like it!

Reviewed by ekandziouba 9 / 10

All the wishes eventually come true

Everybody has dozens of dreams and waits them come true. But real happiness never hurries to knock on our door, we should fight for it and try ourselves the best. Only then will we get what we really deserve. All of us have plans which go wrong at once leaving us frustrated. In this situation you can give up or continue to fight, try and believe! The main heroine of new romantic comedy "Desire Marathon" is the second type. You should learn optimism and determination from her.

I'd call this film another Cinderella story. It's whole about dreaming and reaching the goals. Here you'll recognize all the classical characters: cruel stepmother (Marina's mother-in-law), handsome prince (Nagiyev) and definitely a fairy godmother (Blinovskaya). Marina is almost a classical Cinderella girl, she's hard-working, kind and extremely tends to love and marriage though our Russian Cinderella is far more daring and down-to-earth. She doesn't need much money, castle and a prince to be happy. New windows and car mechanic will do. But life is unpredictable thing. Wedding is cancelled, the girl is kicked out of her flat and her own hope is visiting the seminar of the famous personal coach and motivator Elena Blinovskaya in a distant city Khanty-Mansiysk. Fortunately, Marina doesn't know how to lose. Realizing that her destiny is in her own hands, the she buys a ticket and sets off on unexpected adventures.

The film is bright, sweet, both moving and amusing. For me it's extremely motivational. Its essence is as old as the world, but it really works in the best possible way and encourages us to act. You won't be happy, sitting on the sofa, crying, waiting the dreams come true. We must act here and now. This is what the film tells us.

I really liked Aglaya Tarasova as Marina. She perfectly performed a provincial manicurist who you inevitably fall in love with. And Cyril Nagiyev is also on the right place. He is super-sexy chef.

The film is delicious. Its humor is light and far not stupid, cast is awesome and the story is lovely. You will recognize real story of real people in it for sure.

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