2021 [TAMIL]

Action / Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sriramthestranger 9 / 10

Fictional but powerful!!

There are some movies that bashes on politics and corruption in the name of political drama. But, this movie is refreshing with multiple new angles - not vilifying the antagonist - they have a proper motive which the hero lacks, corrupt people - in fact everyone has a corrupt side right from the townsmen, the wives and even our hero. The beauty of this movie is the concept of 'one vote'. How the villains and the hero uses it makes it an absolutely engaging watch. Must watch!!

Reviewed by deviprasath-42283 10 / 10

A Must watch movie...

Apart from election situation, this movie can stand alone ... it should have to be released on theatres. A superb quality story line and a deserving finish...

Reviewed by vigneshrajan-27626 10 / 10

Worth watching!!!! in recent times

A fantastic experience with fun and emotions all along side with political and castism drama. Yogibabu excels his complete talents in his acting, well managed camera work and other technical aspects were also good.. worth watching.. should have been a better climax to have a completed experience although we can understand director's ideology to not to show mandela's vote to audience since vote is personal... Worth watching... Expecting more like this from the director..

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