Making Monsters


Action / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 202

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Tim Loden as Chris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by midnitepantera 6 / 10

Actually quite frightening and didn't use gratuitous Gore! ;D

I watched this last week, and actually chewed my nails during certain hide and seek type scenes. I was all scrunched up on my couch, with my hand over my mouth, thinking girl, don't breathe, he will hear you. Ha Hahahaha Is this an original story, no, but had some original elements and was just plain CREEPY and Claustrophobic feeling. I thought the acting was pretty good for a low budget movie and the house was pure eye candy for horror movie lovers of monster props. For some reason in certain scenes, that guy reminded me of a Duplass brother. This movie wasn't a splatter fest, used gore when it was vital to the scene, which I appreciate. And if you get in the head space that your one of the characters who played the couple as you watch it, It's actually full on scary if you put yourself in their shoes. The scariest part is that there well may be people out there, for REAL, doing horrific things like this to someone as you sit on your comfy sofa watching this movie. The world is full of SICKOs FOR REAL! :o.

Reviewed by haskel-72951 8 / 10


Good plot (not incredibly original, but that's ok), solid performances, well directed. I liked this, and going in I thought it would be trash. Recommended for horror fans, others should already know better.

Reviewed by bruce_nawrocki 8 / 10

Suspenseful horror

Saw this at 2020 Nevermore Horror Film Festival. Although a low budget film, its great orchestral score helped accentuate the suspense. I preferred to know as little as possible about the plot going in, and it certainly kept me guessing about what was going to happen next, and who set this into motion until the finale, which is difficult to do well. So, I won't spoil any of it here either.

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