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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tbuestrin 2 / 10

What a waste of time

I think they started filming without a makes no sense. It's not remotely scary. The makeup to make the people look scary feels right out of a carnival side show.....just awful. I'm not sure why I'm giving it 2 stars even....wishful thinking perhaps.

Reviewed by DebraIonaVogel 2 / 10

You might want to choose something else to watch...

It's not a bad premise; an American world traveller treks to meet an Asian girl he's been chatting up for six months.

Something is definitely off with her, but our male protagonist comes off as creepy-as in a creeper-creepy. His "acting" is terrible, I tried, but I couldn't like him at all.

The make-up on the scary actors is so, so terrible. An eight year old could have done a better job with those Halloween kits sold at grocery stores.

It's lame. I realize it's an Indy low budget attempt, but come on, try a little...

I gave it two stars because it could have been something pretty good had there been a better director, artists and actors (except Lei Wang as Kate she, at least, tried). Decent idea, very poorly executed.

Reviewed by marswoman 2 / 10

Interesting but dumb too

This movie is about a guy who meets a girl on the internet then goes to China to meet her. The actress who plays Kate is good but the male lead had me rolling my eyes. The character is allegedly a horror movie director yet he ignores ALL the red flags/tropes that pop up. I know the little head can control the big one but as soon as you take me to a deserted village, my car disappears and there's no power- I'm leaving, I don't care how 'hot' you are.

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