Luo Xiao Hei zhan ji

2019 [CHINESE]

Action / Adventure / Animation / Drama / Fantasy


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Jenny Yokobori as Flower Spirit
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by panta-4 5 / 10

I am NOT a target audience!

I am definitely NOT the target audience for this... The Legend of Hei, released in China as The Legend of Luo Xiaohei, is an animated movie released in Summer 2019 and it was made as a prequel to the cartoon show, The Legend of Luo Xiaohei. So, if you are a fan of the series, the movie details various events in the life of Luo Xiaohei before everything happening there.

Too many characters doing too many things at too many places. I would expect that 10 to 12 year old kids who are into this type of animation would enjoy this - for the most of the other like me, much older, a snooze would be an appropriate response.

Reviewed by legobuilderpro 7 / 10

Cat spirit

This was really cute and funny at moments with some emotional scenes that work.

The animation was really beautiful and the action was really fast moving making it fun to watch.

Reviewed by cbljk-84731 9 / 10

It Is of Great Value to See This Film

If you have seen the TV version of this film, you will get confused by the birth of Hei. The film is here to introduce it.

In my opnion, the film is special. It pays more attention to audience exprience. In the film, the perspective follows Hei. We can feel the emotional change of Hei.

What's more, the film brings us to think about ethics. It is not only a storyline, but also a intro into the thinking of right and wrong. Each character is not completely right or wrong. Everything is judged by the audience.

The shortcoming of the film is that it is not very friendly to a western audience. As an asian audience, he or she can understand the film quite well. But as to western audience, he or she may have to know more background about asian culture.

More, I strongly recommend you to watch the TV version, which is now free of charge. If you do so, you would have a brand new view of all characters.

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