Lucy, the Human Chimp


Action / Documentary

IMDb Rating 7.2 10 200

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Lorna Nickson Brown as Janis Carter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Reno-Rangan 10 / 10

Born in the human world, raised by the human parents.

Most of the human and (wild) animal relationship movies are comedies and mostly targeted audience were children, families. Its either entertainment film or the documentary film.

Take for instance, take the recent film based on the real, The One and Only Ivan (2020) or any DisneyNature films. But there are some fine realistic films too we can find, and this is one of those.

Very emotional tale, reminded me of the Jane Hawking, the wife of Stephen Hawking from the film, The Theory of Everything (2014). Yes, a woman who dedicated all her life for another person, like a servant, slave. The commitment she expected nothing in return.

In this story, if she wanted, she could have looked after her own life, instead she dedicated to Lucy, a human chimp that's born in the human world, raised by the human parents and sent to live the wild life as it meant to be in the African jungle.

Was it a right decision? Very debatable among the commoners and the experts. But 40 years ago the world was different than what human think and do today.

They had not had the original footages, so they recreated it with the actors to accomplish the project. It was a short film, but very good. I hope this will turn into a real motion picture. I definitely want that.

Reviewed by shaunskerbitz 10 / 10


Lucy and Jane's story was such a beautiful story. Great job to the actors portrayal. I had all the feels❤

Reviewed by socal_local 8 / 10

Amazing story about the bond between human and animal (and of human folly)

I've always had an interest in primates. And, though I've heard about the works of Goodall and Fossey, I never knew of Carter with Lucy. So, I watched with great interest because it's a fascinating, if not at times infuriating, documentary.

First of all, I've seen some online criticism of Carter for her attempt to rehabilitate Lucy. The real scorn should be directed at the. Temerlins. It's abhorrent what they did with their 'experiment' to see if they could make a chimp more human. A mother being drugged up then stealing her baby to never be seen again is pure cruelty. Then years later, the Temerlins decide the chimp is no longer worth the trouble so they send her off to Africa to see if she can live in the wild. Horrible people. I give credit to Carter as their assistant for sticking it out all those years to ensure Lucy could survive on her own. But, I could not help think while watching, that Lucy's life was so domesticated with humans, that it might have made more sense to just let her finish her life back in the US, even if at a zoo.

The documentary is done in a style that we're seeing more of lately where archival footage is mixed in with reenactments with actors. One thing that left me guessing was at the end where is was mentioned that a search party found the 'scattered remains of Lucy'. Scattered remains? Does that mean foul play? The director could have elaborated on this even if it was not certain.

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