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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by victorianegri 10 / 10

Lucky: Gritty & Intense

I had the pleasure of seeing Bari Kang's "Lucky" at the New York City theatrical premiere last week. "Lucky" stands out with a 1970s aesthetic, with many gritty night shots of Kang driving through New York City's streets. The casting is superb, as the film is populated with real character actors, who fully and convincingly embody their characters. Alfredo Diaz is standout in particular, in his role of Fernando, adding a strange and uncomfortable joy to his character's menacing quality, which plays well off of Bari's character, Lucky, who is more restrained, with internal torment. Excited to see what the multi-talented Bari Kang does next!

Reviewed by sashafefi 8 / 10

Starts slow but intense 3rd act - a thriller with heart


The film opens up with a bloody "lucky" foreshadowing what's to come in this naive yet oddly relatable slightly criminal immigrant's unusual yet familiar story. It was nice to see the variety of ethnicities on screen, although I wish there was more development between Ricky and Lucky. You get the sense that Ricky is or was Lucky's protector but I would have like to seen the background a bit more. The film slows down after the first act but it really is a type of calm before the storm. About half way into the 2nd act things get "interesting" Lucky has made some stupid decisions and now he wants to get back to his "normal life" but Fernando (the villain) won't have it. The 3rd act is quite intense and things are fleshed out a bit. I really thought Lucky was gonna end up dead like Carlito in Carlito's Way (reminded me a bit of that film)****Spoiler***** but his actions surprised me and I liked the characters dark development and descent. It's a solid job from newbies. The acting, story and production held up throughout. There is some gore towards the end that made me jump in my seat. It was unexpected and thus effective. On the production front, I like the dark yet colorful tone of the film, although I'm not a big fan of the hand-held camera work, in this case it seems to be fitting with the overall theme of Lucky's disjointed life and circumstances. We are close-up and kinda of following Lucky around and there is a feeling of claustrophobia, which I would imagine illegal people might feel in today's America. Don't wanna get into politics and neither does this film, so if that's what you're expecting it's probably not for you. But definitely give it a go if you wanna go for a gritty ride in NYC with cab driver whose not afraid to take some risks for some "easy money." There is no such thing as easy money.

Reviewed by soniamandeepkaur 8 / 10

Good indie from nyc

So I had no plans of seeing this movie except that I happened to be attending a festival at Village East Cinemas and saw that "lucky" was playing with a Q/A and my boyfriend wanted to watch it. The movie is Good. Not Great but solid. The actors did a good job and the story, although familiar, (I'm an immigrant) had an interesting spin on it. It was unapologetic and I appreciated that. This is a real independent film and you can tell the budget must have been tight, which was acknowledged in the Q/A so that much more respect to the filmmakers for pulling it off. After hearing everything they had to do to get this made, you appreciate it that much more. Kudos to the team. The music was great too.

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