Love Under the Olive Tree


Action / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 664


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Shawn Roberts as Adam Caulfield
Tori Anderson as Nicole Cabella
Benjamin Hollingsworth as Jake Brandini
Andrew Dunbar as Billy Stevens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rebekahrox 8 / 10

At least you can learn about Olive oil.

Even though this Hallmark has a relatively high rating all of the reviews seem to be very negative. So I feel like it's my duty to give it a good review. First of all yes, yes, yes, it does incorporate many many many of the hallmark cliches and stock story lines. What a shocker! Alert the media. First of all I liked the Olive Oil making plot line. It was certainly different and I enjoyed the fresh setting other than chocolate and wine. It was interesting unlike blueberries or pumpkins. The two leads had good chemistry. The family conflict and rivalry kept my interest. I liked that the grandfathers who started the feud were actually more reasonable than their offspring. It was realistic. I also loved the secondary romance of her best friend and the coffee shop owner. It was sweet. I was invested in the outcome of the olive oil Judging and wager and happy that there was a clear winner and it was the one I was rooting for.

Reviewed by howie14 5 / 10

I hate when I can name the other Hallmark film being copied...

This film wasn't unpleasant to watch, just a little lacking in energy. It also was weird that a film that was obviously created for the channel's Fall Harvest promotion wound up on the air in June.

A lot of these films do the Romeo and Juliet family squabble thing, but this one directly steals almost its entire setup from last year's Fall Harvest entry, Love, Fall, and Order as a it involves a dispute over property lines.

Reviewed by vampdavid 8 / 10

subtle but nice surprise

I just finished this wonderful romantic Hallmark movie as usual there is a main romance in a beautiful setting, However if you watch the subtle signs there is the first time I ever thought I would see Hallmark hinting at a non traditional romance, in this case check the nuance with Billy and his choice of romantic date as in perhaps Adam?

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