Love Stories in Sunflower Valley


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jnh-123-746786 10 / 10

I love sunflowers and I love Sunflower Valey and..........

I loved this movie! I agree with the previous reviewer who said it should be the beginning of a series. It certainly has the potential with a great team of actors with good chemistry and a solid story line that could certainly be developed in a similar vein to Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Bring it on I say!

Reviewed by fshsafshsa 10 / 10

This should be a series

I really enjoyed this movie. It was wonderful. The scenery was beautiful. The couple had great chemistry. They should make more movies together if this doesn't become a series. I think others would enjoy to hear about and see more couples Olivia brang together.

Reviewed by cbisbee-73995 7 / 10

When six is a seven Or When a 7 is really a 6 Or maybe a 5.75

There was a PSA some years ago about drugs and the effect they have on a person. The ad showed images, such as, eggs frying on a stove-top, with the refrain: "This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?" This is a Hallmark romance movie. Any questions? The leads where capable and had a good chemistry between each other. The supporting cast were good and it is always good to see more older actors in these roles. Hallmark has always been good in that area. The story was interesting, a romance about romance, or love is there to find when two people are sent to write about romance in a small town. If you are passionate about sunflowers, you will go bonkers from all the sunflowers. Real ones, fake ones, and sunflower jewelry. If you like romance, it's a good watch. I don't remember if they kissed though.

I gave it a seven. It's a good Hallmark movie, not a great Hallmark movie. I probably should give it a 5.75. But it is a good Hallmark movie.

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