Love on Harbor Island


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 521

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Brendan Taylor as Angus
Morgan Kohan as Lily Summers
Marcus Rosner as Marcus
Mark Brandon as Mr. Hartwell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by maggie1224 8 / 10

Who wrote the ending.... did they just give up..

As a Hallmark movie it was better then some and was predictable with the final half hour conflict thrown in which was as expected. What was really weak was the ending, the idea that a party can presume that a offer at an open house is automatically accepted is so far off base, as was the "counter offer" at the end. As sweet as the gesture was it is not at all realistic to what happens in the real world and just made zero sense no matter which country one is making a purchase on any property... It was just weird and evident the writer had no clue how purchasing or selling properties worked. It was like the writer could not figure out the ending and just came up with "something" and really should do their research if they do not have the knowledge to write a story... Otherwise a good story, just weird last fifteen minutes.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 8 / 10

Good writing and performances

The story is co-written by Lucie Guest and she also directed it. There is some good dialogue which sometimes comes from simple familiar lines which means the placement and directing are important. The early scene on the dock by the plane has some excellent lines and it's just the right length.

The story is a familiar one. In fact I can remember two movies I have watched in the last week that could easily be switched with this one. The ending is mostly predictable.

When the story is familiar, it is up to the actors to draw us in and I always look for good relationship building. Morgan Kohan and Marcus Rosner carried this off well and had good chemistry.

And you can't miss with dogs.

Reviewed by dujmqgwcx 5 / 10

Summer movie??

I noticed straight away that it wasn't summer when there were coats and long sleeves then I spotted a pumpkin! This movie would have fit great in fall, but it definitely wasn't a summer movie! I also thought the "city girl" comment was overused and obnoxious when she was born and raised on the island and her family owned the inn! It seemed kind of odd that he had all the money to have a plane and then buy a inn but didn't seem to actually make much money running an animal rescue. In the beginning there are always dogs with him, and you'd think she may end up with one, but by the end of the movie you never see the dogs anymore. There were a lot of financial issues in this movie that were far fetched and too unrealistic. There were also hardly any people shown actually staying at the inn! The more you think about all the events the more loopholes and discrepancies you find! The movie was ok, but definitely not my favorite.

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