Love N' Dancing


Action / Drama / Romance


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Amy Smart as Jessica Donovan
Betty White as Irene
Billy Zane as Kent Krandel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by templer_doom-1 7 / 10

Commendable introduction to West Coast Swing

Having been a West Coast Swing dancer for 5 years in the UK, it was great to finally see this film in a cinema in San Diego across from the annual Swing Diego dance convention. Anticipation has been high for this film over the last year or so, which has been given a limited cinema release. In the UK, it has only been available on satellite through Sky, so it was nice to catch it in a proper cinematic environment.

Devotees of the dance style will have a ball spotting some of their favourite pros in some sequences. The likes of Ronnie Debennetta, Brandi Tobias, Jordan Frisbee, Tatiana Mollmann, Parker Dearborn, Jessica Cox and others who work and teach tirelessly during the calendar year at events both US and Internationally serve as competent supporting players in a movie in the style of STRICTLY BALLROOM.

Tom Malloy plays a former US Swing champion who gives a lecture on disability to a school and reveals his talent to a class of students. A teacher at the school wants to sign up her fiancé for dance lessons, but his devotion to the deal rather than her prompts her to follow through herself.

Robert Iscove, who directed SHE'S ALL THAT (memorable for the prom dance to Fatboy Slim and who has a long history of dance choreography) does admirably and refreshingly the issue of deafness in an individual is sensitively handled. The dance sequences are staged well and the more astute amongst WCS dancers keen to see the style portrayed in cinematic form will not be disappointed.

Hopefully, this will be the start-off point for more films along the same lines.

Reviewed by Buddy-51 4 / 10

innocuous romantic comedy

Robert Iscove's "Love N' Dancing" chronicles the romance between an attractive middle school teacher and a deaf dance instructor she meets at a school assembly. The trouble is that Jessica (Amy Smart) is already engaged to a workaholic (a bald Billy Zane) who's always on his cell phone, while Jake (played by screenwriter Tom Malloy), who holds the title of World West Coast Swing Champion, is still carrying the torch for a former flame who has already moved onto a new love interest and dance partner.

A paint-by-numbers romantic comedy, "Love N' Dancing" has moments of undeniable charm - in its early stages at least - but the triteness of the plotting, the uncharismatic performances, the motley secondary characters (Rachel Dratch and Bette White make brief appearances), and the surfeit of implausibilities wind up taking their toll in the end.

The dancing is cool, though.

Reviewed by dbborroughs 5 / 10

Good but haven't we seen this before?

Okay play along with me, teacher who's husband is too busy for her meets a dancer who offers to teacher her and go into competition with her. If you can't fill in the blanks this movie is for you. If you can fill in the blanks and don't care this movie is for you. If you can fill in the blanks and wants more than what you've filled in you may want to take a pass. Well made but as by rote as they come.Okay its not as fill in the blanks as something as "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past", there are some twists and turns, but for the most part this is a film that never really strives to be much of anything creatively. Its sort of like a Harlequin Romance where you know exactly whats going to happen because you've read a dozen other books exactly like it. If thats your type of film, by all means give it a go.

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