Love in Whitbrooke


Action / Romance

IMDb Rating 6 10 115


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Brittany Bristow as Amber Verdon
Richard Waugh as Roland Marsh
Corey Sevier as Jason Taylor
Catherine McNally as Barbara Verdon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by h_ghaffari 6 / 10

Good feelings

The story is predictable. I've seen hundred movies like it, but the point is the positive feelings that it creates inside us. Full of beautiful views. It was a prefect and safe movie for all the family members. Consider it, the movie is good enough to get score between 6 and 7, but it's not a masterpiece or something. Believe it or not, it can bring good emotions to your mind and heart.

Reviewed by drbreakwell 6 / 10

Another dud

Again Hallmark dropped the ball on this movie. The daughter is a clutz for a person who is supposed to be a highly respected project manager. The story lines are always predictable. Hallmark has made excellent murder mystery series, perhaps they should continue along that genre.

Reviewed by tuttley-04553 3 / 10

Non-stop and over-the-top

The movie had so much going on. In the course of one week Amber is offered a promotion to become a director even though she babbles like a ninny and can't make a decision, she returns to her hometown to help her parents run their cafe but has no experience as a barista, design and paint a mural because she's an artist who hasn't painted in a while, design and paint a shirt, sell one of her paintings, travel to a nearby city to fight the rent increase for the cafe, babysit her nephew, go on several outings with the leading man including a visit to her grandmother's home, and fall in love. Enter her counterpart who is a Jack-of-all-trades and helps everyone for free and even though he is a descendant of the Founders of Whitbrooke, he didn't grow up there. So I have to wonder if the writer(s) spun a wheel of cliches and then said "we should give these characters speed so that they are always happy, take on more responsibilities than humanly possible, and everybody is so nice to one another...but we'll take out the part where she has perform an emergency tracheotomy because THAT might be unrealistic."

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