Love Chronicles


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43%
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Robin Givens as Monifa Burly
Kym Whitley as Renee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gstdt 1 / 10

Try Again!

I could not disagree more with the previous comment. The performances were not good. Every single character 'flubbed' on their lines. And what blew me away was that the editor and ultimately the director let those takes make the final cut. The jokes may have been funny if they were written and executed better. The chronicle with Aries Spears and Lisa Raye was so out of wack and did not gel with the rest of the film. It looked as if it belonged in a National Lampoon type of film. I have Never seen a movie where I saw so many shadows of the crew reflecting off the wall, glass doors, and even a red dress that one character wears in a dream sequence. Who gave the money to make this movie? Because I have a stable of unicorns I need to sell you.

Reviewed by tarbosh22000 6 / 10

Pretty Good Romantic Drama.

"Love Chronicles" is a decent romantic\drama. The plot consists of 4 stories about finding love in different ways. Terrence Howard plays the DJ who listens to these nice but goofy stories.

The writing and directing are average. The best part of the movie are the performances. Terrence Howard, Robin Givens, and Aries Spears have funny and convincing roles. The only weaknesses are that some of the comedy bits don't work, and there are predictable moments.

Overall, "Love Chronicles" is worth seeing, because it's a change of pace from the usual "hood" movies.

Other good urban dramas are: "Soul Of The Game" and "Love Come Down"

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Reviewed by reelblack 2 / 10

Burn The Negative!

It's unfortunate the choices Terrence Howard had to make while still a struggling actor in Black Hollywood. This is a movie that is well cast with very capable and talented actors--and puts them to shame.

The direction, camera-work and editing are terrible and are not helped by the full-screen DVD transfer, which kills the composition. Basically the plot is this--Howard, Robin Givens and Paula Jai Parker are radio hosts of a relationship call-in show. They get calls which become the basis of several vignettes a-la "Love American Style." Every great actor has at least one of these on their resume. Tom Hanks has "He Knows You're Alone." Tom Cruise has "Losin' It." Michael Caine does one a year. With a budget and better writing, this might have been a decent time waster. Unfortunately, it's not, so don't waste your time.

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