Love at Sunset Terrace



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Nathan Witte as Daniel
Meghan Heffern as Christine
Carlo Marks as Michael
Ellen Woglom as Sophie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by elsherbinyeman 8 / 10

What a nice movie !!!

Very nice movie, Lovely location, non sophisticated story, all the time while you watch it you are smiling and feeling relax, what I need more?!!! In addition I love all the clothes which Sophie wear.

Reviewed by sapphiremoon-54103 8 / 10

I loved this movie.

This movie is cute and sweet. A great way to spend a couple of hours. I am a fan of Carlo Marks. So that is always enjoyable to see him in movies. He plays Michael a protective Dad to his daughter Kailey. Michael is also a widower. When along comes Sophie who is 'burned out' from her job. Carlo Marks and Ellen Woglom have great chemistry together in this movie. I like the moments of comedy and a bit of flirtation between them in some scenes. Erica Tremblay plays the adorable daughter Kailey. Who sees an opportunity to play matchmaker for her Dad Michael. I love Hallmark Movies. So I know how they work. I love that there is always a happy ending.

Reviewed by toncincin 7 / 10

It was OK fir an UpTV movie ...

First of all - THIS IS NOT A HALLMARK MOVIE. It's an UpTV movie.

The lead woman was a bit over the top in the beginning with reference to the leading man. No grown woman behaves that way! Teenage girls ... yes. She sees him on a street in town and acts like she doesn't see him? Maybe if she was 14!

Other than that, it was an OK movie. The story was cute with her "unplugging" and finding herself in the process. Her interactions with the little girl were very cute. It showed how she was actually beginning to enjoy herself.

My only comment is - there sure are a lot of dads in this world who have list their wives - with kids no less. It's a completely overused story. Find another storyline writers!

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