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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by martimusross 2 / 10

Skip This Self-Indulgent Tripe!


The endless struggle of life on the big screen, the film maker seemed to forget we mainly watch a movie to escape reality, this literally showed us the kitchen sink.

Rob, young man, desperate for a job and caring for his bedridden father turned to petty criminality for kicks, companionship and some spare change.

I must say I was bored, it was slow and all we had was an overload of mundanity. This movie serves as a warning to what will happen to you if you don't work hard in school!

A firm 2/10 for saying nothing about anything in a very slow way!

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 5 / 10

Too long, too slow, too bland, and depressing, with too much filler and little substance.

This is newb writer and director Rene van Pannevis' first full length film with a handful of previous shorts, and I feel this one should've also been a short. The 89 min runtime felt like 3+ hours with the long dragged out and unnecessary scenes, slow pacing, and all the excessive filler for such little substance. The entire first hour only needed to be 10-15 mins long to get its point across. Not much happens until the last half hour, and even then, there was no satisfaction in its ending. There were also many amateur plot and technical issues in his screenplay. His directing was decent, with lots of close-ups and follow-me shots. The landscape scenery was exceptional, but got tiring with the same shots constantly being shown. Casting and performances were adequate, with only Thomas Turgoose's performance standing out. Not sure why the critics raved about this film, but I personally couldn't wait for it to finish, and when it did, I was disappointed with the overall investment I made into this story. It's a generous 5/10 from me.

Reviewed by Craig-48-458118 1 / 10

Slow, boring, nothing

Slow story that goes nowhere. Unlikeable characters - avoid!

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