Loose Screws



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CoolJay28 7 / 10

Everyone likes Screwballs better but...

Hey, this was one of a line of random movies we rent at parties. We didn't even know that it was the sequel to some other movie, maybe that's a good thing from what I've read. But all I know is that we laughed our heads off the whole movie and has been the best random movie that we rented so far. Now we'll have to go back and try to find that other movie before it.

Reviewed by telepopcanada 10 / 10

"Loose Screws" rules!

"Loose Screws" is a radical party movie with an awesome, quasi-new wave & "fake rock" soundtrack. The lead actors are older, sleazy guys playing sex-crazed teenagers. When it comes to the females in this film, obviously "loose" is the operative word. This film delivers non-stop idiocy and perversion in a way that "Preppies" and other teen sex comedies of the day fail to live up to. There is no attempt to be sentimental or involve the characters in an annoying action sub-plot.

One of the best moments of the film occurs during the climax scene at the graduation assembly. The 4 main guys kind-of magically become a new wave-ish rock band and turn the entire ceremony into a party. Disregard other reviews that peg this film as garbage; those people JUST DON'T GET IT! This film delivers non-stop idiocy in a way that "Preppies" and many other teen sex comedies of the day fail to live up to. "Loose Screws" is truly unhinged!

FYI: The Summer school exteriors were filmed at St. Andrews College in Auroura, Ontario. Pay special attention to the scenes shot on a chilly, dismal Toronto "beach". There is also a great second-story-window-fall which looks really quite painful (couldn't afford a stunt man?). The soundtrack was never released, but one of the musical highlights is available on used vinyl: "Circular Impressions" by The Extras.

Reviewed by kosmasp 2 / 10

Sequel mania

It's pretty silly and it's the sequel to "Screwballs". A movie that is considered a classic by some. But while you can argue about the quality of the first movie (especially if you had watched it back in the day and like to reminisce about the good old days), it's almost impossible to find anything good in this one. It tries to up the ante, in the sex comedy department, but does not achieve it.

It even tries to copy some scenes (the first doctor related at the beginning), again upping the ante. But it doesn't achieve much. You have to have really low expectations to like this or have watched it back in the day too. Maybe though you can see through the mist of remembering that it is not funny at all. The main song also reminds me of "Footloose" a lot. I wonder if there was a controversy when the movie came out ... doesn't matter though.

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