Long Live Robin Hood

1971 [ITALIAN]


IMDb Rating 6.4 10 301

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bunuel1976 7 / 10

THE SCALAWAG BUNCH (Giorgio Ferroni, 1970) ***

I had missed out on this one a couple of times on Italian TV in a relatively brief space of time; having finally acquired it not too long ago through the very same channels (the film seems to be only available elsewhere in a poor-quality English-dubbed print), I thought now was high time that I check it out i.e. in the wake of the brand-new Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe epic ROBIN HOOD, since it is yet another version of these popular events – though you would you be hard-pressed to gather as much from the absurdly misleading U.S. moniker! Anyway, having been rendered aware of the movie – and I definitely became interested, given the involvement of director Ferroni as well as stars Giuliano Gemma and Mark Damon – one still could not have foreseen just how well-made this turned out to be in all departments!

For starters, the look of the film – courtesy of authentic and expansive locations, a soft-yet-appealing color palette and stylish costumes – is quite rich for a "Euro-Cult" offering that seems to have garnered so little credit over the years. The action, too, is plentiful and vigorous and the performances reasonably committed for this sort of thing; to be sure, while essentially a romp, the film generally refrains from campiness and ends up a decidedly more considerable effort than, say, Umberto Lenzi's not unenjoyable if invincibly juvenile THE TRIUMPH OF ROBIN HOOD (1962) – which I actually watched a day previously as part of a mini-marathon of little-seen outings revolving around this legendary outlaw.

More significantly, however, thanks to an above-average script co-written by one of Italian cinema's stalwart scribes – Ennio De Concini – I would say that the film under review even approaches the level of some of Hollywood's innumerable renditions of the exploits of The Bandit Of Sherwood Forest (to name one of the better, albeit not obvious, such examples). In fact, some of the more interesting twists in the familiar plot include: Gemma as the heir to the Nottingham dukedom despoiled of his heritage; his asking to join the already-established "Merrie Men" but then rising to lead the band and give it purpose; Prince John (whose role, as in the afore-mentioned THE TRIUMPH OF ROBIN HOOD, gets rather downsized here) is played as a slightly effeminate youth; the finale, then, sees the traditional return of Richard the Lionheart (after the many hardships and intrigues in raising the required ransom) to his rightful throne and Robin's one-on-one with the usurper/oppressor.

Damon, a "Euro-Cult" lead in his own right, surprisingly accepted a secondary role in this case as Allen-a-Dale; that said, he would receive compensation two years later with a remake of another swashbuckling classic, "Ivanhoe", titled THE NORMAN SWORDSMAN and which I have also just gotten hold of. Silvia Dionisio, then, is Maid Marian – who, having been promised to the Duke Of Nottingham when still a child and oblivious of Robin Hood's true identity, is naturally initially averse to the attentions of the ostensibly commoner outlaw (this lends the whole an unexpected, yet timely, class struggle angle)…and, by the way, she also proves to be Robin's chief rival in the archery contest!

Another novelty resides in the presence of a female villain played by Helga Line' (overlooked by the male counterpart she is devoted to in favor of the somewhat bland heroine); more familiar and welcome cast members would be Mario Adorf (as Friar Tuck) and Nello Pazzafini (playing Little John – incidentally, he had been the chief baddie's long-suffering lackey in the earlier Lenzi film!). As expected, the score by Gianni Ferrio is a rousing one (albeit intermittently punctuated by a jubilant yodel!) which cements a surprisingly solid overall achievement.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Enjoyable Italian/Spanish co-production about the mythical hero with adventures , frenetic action , thrills and impressive battles

Greatest adventure of the centuries ¡ , greatest thrill of the screen ¡ an adventure the world has thrilled to for centuries , in a picture it will never forget . He lives again , a hero of every villain , friend to those who have friends . In 13th century England , here Giuliano Gemma is the heir to the Nottingham dukedom who is stolen of his heritage. He becomes Robin Hood (Giuliano Gemma at his swashbuckling best) who joins a brave warrior called Allan (Mark Damon) and a band of marauders confronting corruption of wicked Sir Robert (Luis Davila at his evil best ) and Sir Guy Gisbourne (Pierre Cressoy ) and lead an uprising against the crown that will forever alter the balance of world power , foiling evil Prince John Lackland . When the Norman Lords begin oppressing the Saxon masses in King Richard's absence , a Saxon archer named Robin Hood fights back as the outlaw leader of a rebel guerrilla army . The legendary Sherwood forest's hero Robin Locksly again and Lady Marian (lovely Maid Silvia Dionisio) along with his Merrie men brought by him : Will Scarlett (Manuel Zarzo) , Friar Tuck (Mari Adorf) and Little John (Nello Pazzafini). Story is indirectly based on historic events and is developed after third Crusade when Richard Lion Heart conquered Acre . In route England Richard was captured by Henry VII of Germany and ransomed by his own subjects . But Richard returns England to put down a revolt against him though his brother John without Land takes over the kingdom with his underlings evil Sir Guy of Gisbourne and Sheriff of Nottingham .

This swashbuckler has great action sequences well staged with stylish and vitality , adventure , romance , outstanding final dueling and is pretty entertaining . There are great action sequences including the battles in forests and the ending confrontation at the climax of the film . Funny and fun movie with stylish gowns , noisy action , brawls , fights , and sword-play . Here Robin joins the already-established 'Merrie Men' and becomes their chief against the villains . Including atmospheric as well as evocative cinematography and an agreeable score , as musician Gianni Ferrio composes an attractive soundtrack , well conducted and including a splendid leitmotif ; it's full of enjoyable sounds and really emotive , including catching songs . Casting is frankly well , the famous main players as stalwart Giuliano Gemma is very fine and Silvia Dionisio is memorable and attractive , she comes up the film as a valiant and obstinate heroine . They are backed up by fine support actors such as Manuel Zarzo , Mario Adorf , Nello Pazzafini , Pierre Cressoy , Helga Liné . Special mention to treacherous Sir Robert magnetically performed by Luis Davila and Daniele Dublino as evil and crazed king in an appealing interpretation as Prince John . Even the smallest characters are well represented as Nazzareno Zamperla , Giovanni Cianfriglia and Antonio Pica , among others .

It packs an atmospheric and stirring soundtrack by Gianni Ferrio , including some songs . Colorful cinematography in glimmer Eastmancolor . Musical score , settings , cinematography , acceptable performances abound , all of them help place this Italian movie the very best adventure film . I found it fun , entertaining , thrilling , well-acted, and fast-paced . The flick was professionally directed by Giorgo Ferroni , an expert on Peplum . As he directed ¨The war of Troy¨ with Steve Reeves ,¨Hercules against Molock¨ and ¨Il Colosso Di Roma¨ with Gordon Scott . He also directed Western as "Fort Yuma Gold" , ¨Wanted¨ , "Blood for a Silver Dollar" , Wartime as ¨Battle of El Alamein¨ and Terror in acceptable results as ¨ Mill of the stone woman¨ and "Night of the Devils" .

The film is partially based on true events. Although Ivanhoe didn't exist, John Lackland was king of England from 1199 to 1216. Few monarchs have been subject to such appalling publicity as John . Although by no means lovable, he was an able administrator and spent more time in England than his predecessor and elder brother Richard I but he was jailed by Leopold of Austria, returning from Crusades. Being dead king Henry II , then Richard Lionheart was crowned until the third crusade (intervening along with Philip II and vanquished Acre) which was crowned John with no Land . The English domain over France will cause length conflict known the hundred years wars(1339-1453).Robin Hood, also known Robin O'Locksley and the Earl of Huntingdom, is probably and sadly a creation of romantic imaginations . If Robin Hood did exist, it's almost certain that he was not a Saxon , though his enemies may well have been the Norman sheriff of Nottinghan and Prince and later king John Lackland.

Other versions about this famous personage are the following ones : classic version ¨Robin Hood¨ by Michael Curtiz with Errol Flynn , Olivia De Havilland , Claude Rains , Basil Rathbone , Eugene Palette . ¨Robin Hood price of thieves (1991) ¨ by Kevin Reynolds with Kevin Costner , Alan Rickman and Morgan Freenan , the same year was exhibited ¨Robin Hood¨ by John Irvin with Patrick Bergin and Uma Thurman but was a flop though the critics considered best adaptation . Furthermore , recent and revisionist version titled ¨Robin Hood¨(2010) by Ridley Scott with Russell Crowe , Cate Blanchet and Oscar Isaac .

Reviewed by kennellygerard 10 / 10

the one to remember him for

i just found out Guiliano Gemma passed away

i read a couple of articles about him online they all mention he did a lot of spaghetti westerns he worked with burt lancaster in 'The Leopard' and woody allen in 'To Rome With Love'

Gemma did all kinds of films,, heist thriller 'The Master Touch' with kirk douglas dark drama 'The Cats' with rita hayworth and wacky comedy 'Africa Express' with jack palance

but i think his best is 'SCALAWAG BUNCH' he is charismatic as hell shows astonishing energy and he holds the screen which is more than i can say for the so called stars today


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