Lilla Jönssonligan på kollo

2004 [SWEDISH]

Comedy / Family

IMDb Rating 3 10 684


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by erg001 1 / 10

It sucks!

First they made "Lilla Jönssonligan och Cornflakeskuppen", it was a little funny idea based on the movies "Jönssonligan" with Gösta Ekman. Then they did a second one called "Lilla Jönssonligan på styva Linn", it wasn't as good as the first but it was okay, it was still the same actors and it was made on a good way. But then this turns up! A third "Lilla Jönssonligan" with all new - and really bad - actors, a horrible effects and the worst script i have ever seen! The story is absolutely dumb! A dreadful try to make a third film! They have destroyed the "Lilla Jönssonligan" concept totally! I have heard that they talk about doing a fourth film too, also about something really dumb. Please, please, don't do that, please!

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