Light Years Away



IMDb Rating 5.3 10 73

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Eric Roberts as Dr. Howard Melvin
Barry Van Dyke as Colonel Burke
Hal Linden as Grandpa Sommers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adamjwagener 10 / 10

a charming film

Based on it's budget, and having been a crew member and extra in the film, I'm giving "BMS" (the director) and "LYA" (the film) 9/10. It has a wholesome message, a name actor, beautiful actresses, and was shot with a limited budget. The special FX and uses of green screen show maturity from BMS's last film, Miss Castaway and the Island Girls. I had an enjoyable time working on the set with the crew and producers, and watched them solve last minute problems and deal with financier/producer tensions in order to get this finished. For your info, I started out as an extra, and was asked to work on the film as crew. I still have my autographed copy of the script! Actors Tim Peyton, Adri Curry, and Meadow Williams also did a good job and were pleasant to work with on set. This should be going to TV soon, if the right distributor picks it up.

Reviewed by thebigmoviemaker 9 / 10

good characters, a moving story

It is such a warm, lovable movie! There is no smut, just a sweet, memorable love story wrapped in sci-fi. Chris Knight made a great astronomer, very creative casting but it works! Meadow Williams is adorable, you want to take her home! Her scenes are beautiful and befitting of a lead actress. Eric Roberts makes a great villain, as is his style. This well blended tale has an endearing, old fashioned feel despite its science fiction flavorings. This little movie delivers! It has a creative story, great cast, and wonderful tenderness. It's definitely one to see. It is a great movie for all ages. It is an exciting, romantic love story that reminds you that love is the most powerful force in the universe. It reminds me of "Somewhere in Time" with all of it's timeless and beautiful storytelling. Movies like "Light Years Away" are rare. I can't wait to buy it so I can watch it again.

Reviewed by volcom_rock_69 10 / 10

Awesome Movie

This movie is pretty funny. I saw it way before it came out because my friend Geoff has a small role in the film. I got to watch parts of the movie being made and they did a great job. The kid in the van who says: "woah" is my friend Geoff. It's a movie worth seeing. I highly recommend it if you live in Ottawa, Ont. You might recognize some of the locations that they filmed in, such as the Police station. The casting was great, like Mr.knight from the Brady Bunch t.v. show. He is a good actor and a great guy. I give it a 10 out of 10. I may be a little biased though... but that just means you should watch it for yourself and see what you think!

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