Life in Flight


Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 356

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Amy Smart as Catherine
Lynn Collins as Kate
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eggboy 3 / 10

Ugh, Good Cast, Nice Pictures, Miserable Script

Saw this at Tribeca Film Festival and was surprised by the wretched writing. The cast is professional, and the photography, set and production design are all first class. The problem is a script that presents a somewhat dopey male lead, an unredeemable monster (b*tch) of a wife, and a seven-year-itch scenario.

The result is good actors reciting bad lines in overwrought scenes. We bought these tickets expecting that a cast including Patrick Wilson, Amy Smart and several other fine actors would deliver a good result. Tied to that script, they couldn't stay afloat.

The movie inspires me to create a new rule for young filmmakers: don't write a script with an architect as your main character, unless you are remaking "The Fountainhead." And don't remake "The Fountainhead."

Reviewed by GOWBTW 10 / 10

Are you happy?

Life is good, if it's really is. Being successful can be a plus or a minus. Here you got a designer who is married, successful, yet something was missing in his life: Happiness. This man has a wife who takes care of their son happens to be a follower rather than a supporter. At his job site he meets a beautiful woman who not only helps him out with his business, she helps him out on life. He takes heed of her words, especially about the birds flying in a certain direction. It turns out that his life isn't all he wanted to be. His wife was more of a go-getter and crowd pleaser, satisfying her needs instead of asking her husband how he feels about it. It was not a good marriage from the get-go, being materialistic and non-communicative, that can destroy a marriage. But the more understanding woman who took a job in the West Coast, automatically got homesick already. Both of those people have suffered similar consequences. Successfullness can be a plus or a minus in you life. Being steadfast is necessary to be living well. The fast-life will send you crashing fast, and being slow can get you fired. This movie teaches a lesson about being happy. Those two were a perfect match. It help me be happy, it'll do the same for you, too. 5 stars!

Reviewed by gracenotesstudio 3 / 10


*****Warning: May contain spoilers****** I agree with what the previous reviewers have said. However, I'm sick of Hollywood's glamorizing and justifying immoral behavior. There IS no justification for this man's behavior, regardless of his circumstances. ALL marriages have difficulties at times, but that doesn't give us all a license to cheat on our spouses. The architect's willingness to leave his wife for someone else because he's tired of her behavior and expectations, merely adds to the stereotype that men are incapable of making wise decisions independent of their sexual appetites. The only reason I gave the movie a 3 rather than a 1, is that Patrick Wilson, who is one of my favorite actors, is one of the stars. I AM a bit disappointed in his choice of acting vehicles, however.

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