Life After: Chernobyl



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dwaynemayo60 2 / 10

reality TV disguised as science

What can I say? This is NOT what I would call a documentary. No real science or very little. mainly just a cross between ghost hunters, finding bigfoot and Man vs. Wild.

If you're expecting to learn anything here, forget it. I was really disappointed. I almost broke out laughing when they were trying to" call the wolf in".

These are not researchers and apparently not very good TV makers, just a couple of college biologists and a female reporter that got a little TV fame. This thing is a disaster.

Animal Planet must be desperate if this is what they are showing

Reviewed by johanthegrizzlybear 1 / 10

Too dramatic, false danger and quite cringe-worthy at times

As a big long-time fan of Chernobyl i found it hard to watch this and i would rather see this as some kind of parody instead of documentary.

They are over reacting about everything, over dramatizing natural things and try to fool people to make it look like they are really in danger...

Examples: the part with the wolf showing teeth, ALL wolfs do this, nothing unusual.

When they go to collect leaves, they need no protection at all, i laughed quite hard at this and they stating if you breath it in, you will die instantly (facepalm)... And that very radioactive object in the forest when they run away from it, it's a known object and it's not dangerous and in fact there are plenty of pictures of this object on the internet, nothing they have to " notify to the authority ".

This should be considered as an comedy or parody. People have spent days in the red forest (illegally) and they have no symptoms, they had no protective clothing, they weren't eaten by "aggressive" normal behavior wolfs nor were they killed instantly.

Another comedy NOT to watch about Chernobyl. " ooh it's so dangerous, watch me i'm so cool i could die any second making this movie for you guys at home ooh "

Reviewed by nstroz 1 / 10

Do not watch this.

If you're interested at all in anything to do with Chernobyl, watch something else. Any documentary you watch about Chernobyl will be better than this.

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