Liberty's Secret


Comedy / Musical / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nammage 4 / 10

Low Budget Musical

I enjoy many types of films, even Musicals; even low budget ones though the last good one I saw was "Cannibal the Musical". It was hilarious. I don't know how much this film cost but that film cost $150,000 ($260,000 in today's dollar) to make. (I don't count "Reefer Madness: The Musical" because it's budget was $25 million.) In my opinion, I think all the money and effort went into the choreography and singing and both were poor except the singing from Alfrelynn J. Roberts who, sadly, only sang one song (that I remember) in the entire film.

It's also a Comedy. And, I did laugh but not at the things I think the audience was supposed to laugh at. Like the part in the beginning where the Senator's team says that those at the church really loved Liberty's singing. I laughed at that's her church! Her father's the preacher. They've all probably known her her entire life; of course they're going to love her. Oh, and if all it took for a Senator to win in a conservative area is to have a singer that people love then all politicians would have singers with them. And why would a Conservative help a non-Conservative get re-elected but to know that that person will do what they want? They wouldn't. Not reality.

Anyway...what's up with all the montages?

Reviewed by catadaiana 1 / 10

Some spoilers not that it matters don't waste your time watching this.

Just wow. I read the plot and I was excited to watch it, it seemed like a good idea with potential. When it started I immediately wanted to turn it off but I didn't. I made a check list with everything I hated:

-The camera moving funny at some points was it filmed hand-held?! - The slow motion at some scenes NOT GOOD. -The singing is good the music however very bad. -What was that music over the montage? It didn't work at all. -What was with the green screens, just why?! -I love you?? after one kiss? sure they spent time together but you didn't build on the relationship at all that music over the montage took away from the depth so jumping into I love you was bad. -Omg I can't even start on the acting, Jaclene Wilk was the only one that acted somewhat okay everyone else was horrible but I don't know if it's because of the cast or the script. -The script was very bad it felt very fake and not how people talk at all. A character named Dick was the realest character in the film. -The lady that snaps the picture is the best character in the film. -I cannot stress enough how bad the script was. -What's with that parody of the TV show? -Seriously it made me so cringed out and angry that I want to talk to the dude who made it and find out what the heck was he thinking. -They get married?! What the.... man. -It felt like a parody of a parody.

Just a bad lesbian movie in general then you add the music and somehow it makes it worse. I cringed so hard I couldn't stop cursing. The LGBT community needs better movies and better representation than this. This can't be it!

Reviewed by ktsthegame 9 / 10

Enjoyable even with the flaws

It may not be the best musical but has so much charm, that the low budget works in the movies favor. I watched it on Amazon Prime and liked enough that I bought the film on Amazon. So it's with checking out if want some laughs in a good cheesy love story that comes from the heart.

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