Lee Evans: Monsters


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by osj2507 7 / 10

OMG this man is crazy

He talks like crazy, it seems like somebody put Duracell batteries in him and he just keeps on going and going and ... He gets them switched out in the halftime, and then he gets on and on again, I think he said something funny every minute and he is just like a fountain on stage, especially with jokes, but it must be very hot walking back and forth doing various impressions, because this guy sweats like someone on holiday somewhere really warm :)

He is a good performer and really has a good repertoire of funny voices, weird characters and strange incidents, he mixes it all up with stuff that seems to be made up a long the way, depending on how the audience reacts. It is very entertaining.

Reviewed by Robinson2511 7 / 10

Time takes it's toll!

Lee Evans became one of the world's biggest comedians, and for good reason. Lee Evan's tours have been extremely successful because they are crazy, energetic, and most importantly, hilarious. The Roadrunner tour being another example of this, but Monsters feels tired.

Monsters feels like Evans is running out of humour to deliver to his audience, there are some really funny moments, but they are few and far between, not as frequent as previous tours.

Evans is as energetic as usual, and the formula of the comedy is unchanged, but there's less humour and more talk, less hysterics and more casual laughing, everything feels more topical at the expense of a lot of the humour.

The Monsters tour is less impressive than most of Evan's previous tours, the Big, XL, and Roadrunner tours we're much funnier, and kept my interest for a lot longer, but because it still features classic Lee Evans, it's still worth trying out, but if you're expecting humour on the level of Big, XL or Roadrunner, Monsters will leave you disappointed.

Reviewed by Darkside-Reviewer 7 / 10

Monkey Boy!

While not as good as his other shows Lee still performs better material than most comedian's in there prime from his physical comedy and endless energy to just his unique laugh Lee Evans is a very funny man who has been making people laugh for such a long time you wonder how he hasn't ran out of material at this stage.

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