Le chant du loup

2019 [FRENCH]

Action / Adventure / Drama / Family / Sci-Fi / Thriller / War

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 14023

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Omar Sy as D'Orsi
Reda Kateb as Grandchamp
Paula Beer as Diane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mjfhhh 7 / 10

global disaster is played out on a smaller scale

The sound expert Chanteraide holds the life of his fellow mates in his hands. Onboard high tech submarine Titan a small mistake leads to a confrontation with a mysterious submarine. As the danger of a next war becomes all too real, it's up to Titan and its crew to save the day.

Wolf's Call is the first feature from screen writer Antonin Boudry and it is a tense and inventive thriller where an approaching global disaster is played out on a smaller scale and rests on the shoulders of a few men. Handpicking his hot young stars, the trio of Omar Sy, Francois Civil, and Reda Kateb, Boudry builds on the relationship between the three men, throwing the characters into the crisis of a life time.

A minimalistic score by Tomandandy nicely supports the vast underwater scenes and claustrophobic in-cabin sequences. It is no wonder the film was snatched up by Netflix, it has an interesting concept, well written and acted.

WOLF'S CALL proves that a smaller scale underwater thriller can be tense and engaging even with a very restricted budget.

Reviewed by searchanddestroy-1 9 / 10

An awesome film.

As far as I know, there has never been any French movie speaking of submarines. And if there is one in the future, it will never be as excellent as this one. Impossible. This one is the first and will remain the best, whatever other features may bring. It's proudly in the line of HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER or James B Harris BEDFORD INCIDENT, starring Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier, with also a bit of Sid Lumet's FAILSAFE. Great acting, editing, directing, with tons of details and accuracy in every domain of submarines. A riveting, breath taking movie with a very dark atmosphere and an ending that Hollywood film industry will never give us anymore. Go for it. Some errors about the casting though. But who cares?

Reviewed by Harold_Boss 7 / 10

Suspend disbelief and then enjoy the ride

There's a lot of reviews here making points such as "could not happen".

Ok sure, there's some unrealistic stuff going on.

But there's also a lot of original and thoughtful scenes that are explored. There's a lot of ideas here that feel completely fresh.

The idea that a French submarine, once committed to a nuclear strike, will not receive any orders to abort, is a weak one. Unfortunately a large part of the movie hinges around this concept. The second half of the movie does feel a little silly at times because of this.

I liked the sonar guy as the hero.

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