Latidos de pánico

1983 [SPANISH]

Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 19%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 512


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rundbauchdodo 6 / 10

Nice little piece of Euro Horror!

This entertaining effort from 1983 has everything you would expect from a Spanish horror movie: a) Paul Naschy, b) a low budget, c) a curse from the past and d) gratuitous gore to satisfy splatter freaks.

Even though the production values are rather low key, the film is always entertaining and keeps you interested from beginning to end. There are enough twists to develop a decent plot filled with surprises. And, as mentioned before, there are also a handful of gory moments that are well crafted and really nasty (but don't expect a movie focused on blood and guts).

The most remarkable aspect of the plot is its mix of crime thriller and ghost story elements, which fit together surprisingly well. And this is one of those movies, where Paul Naschy's character is NOT the ill-fated Valdemar Daninsky!

Recommended for all friends of European horror.

Reviewed by Coventry 6 / 10

Naschy directs himself ... and himself!

Paul Naschy was quite an important contributor to the industry of European horror films, and I'm an unusually big fan of his work and persona, but he undeniably never accomplished anything major or classic during all his years of film-making. The titles in his repertoire provide large portions of gore and sleaze (thumbs up for that!) but his screenplays are generally uninspired and too often revert to the same old and repetitive basic premise. Apparently, Mr. Naschy just loves to play his own descendant in stories that revolve on ancient folklore legends and family curses. The entire "Hombre Lobo" cycle is based on this principle as well. "Panic Beats" is sort of like a re-telling of Naschy's earlier film "Horror Rises from the Tomb", as both films feature a murderously mad 16th Century knight - Alaric de Marnac - who supposedly returns from the grave to slay unfaithful women. In this film, 20th Century sleaze-ball Paul uses the petrifying myth to scare his wife to death, inherit her family fortune and marry a young & viral beauty. But, unfortunately for Paul, there's a lot more treason going on behind his back and he also never took into consideration that the myth of his malevolent ancestor might have some truth in it. The plot of "Panic Beats" is overall very dull and it doesn't feature a single story-element or twist that you can't see coming from several miles away. Every dire cliché and stereotype you can think of regarding isolated country mansions and medieval curses is predictably processed into the script, including the loyal old servant and the knight's armor that seemingly moves all by itself. But hey, as usual it was the high gore & sleaze factor that eventually convinced me to reward "Panic Beats" with a positive rating after all. There are a handful of truly nasty murders, committed with axes and other typically medieval armory. Beautiful feminine nudity is provided by luscious women such as Silvia Miró and Paquita Ondiviela, who both go full frontal without hesitating. I just wished Paul Naschy didn't insist on showing so much of his own naked and unusually hairy torso. Oh well … Recommended to all fans of trashy euro-horror, and the Mondo Macabro DVD is a real treat full of phenomenal extras!

Reviewed by EVOL666 6 / 10

Decent Euro-Horror...

PANIC BEATS is another Mondo Macabro release where all the good parts are pretty much in the trailer. The film isn't terrible by any means, and actually has a few decent "twists" in the plot (though much of it is pretty predictable...) - but I also found it dull at points and unremarkable overall...

Paul (played by Euro-horror mainstay, Paul Naschy) is the descendant of a knight who used to bash his out-of-line bitches with a mace. Legend has it that the knight comes back every 100 years to lay the smack-down on any ho's that are messin' around behind the man-of-the-house's back. When Paul moves his terminally ill (and rich) wife up to the old castle that used to be the home of the knight - weird things begin to happen that supports the legend...OR is it all just a figment of the wife's imagination...OR is there something even more diabolical going on???

The storyline for PANIC BEATS is decent enough, and the acting and cinematography are up to par for this sort of mid-budget Euro-trash - unfortunately, I like a bit more sleaze in films of this sort, and although there is some nudity (including full-frontal), it doesn't come til towards the end of the film (other than the brief opening scene). The gore is decent - nothing to write home about, but a few decent scenes. The twists in the plot make it somewhat more interesting than some other Euro-horror entries - but most of those are predictable as well. Overall, not a bad diversion, but I wouldn't consider it a "must-see" either...6.5/10

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