Last Gasp

1995 [GERMAN]

Action / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.6 10 488


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Robert Patrick as Leslie Chase
Joanna Pacula as Nora Weeks
Vyto Ruginis as Ray Tattinger
Nan Martin as Mrs. Hardwick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by discos 8 / 10

evil jumps from host to host will it never end?

I have to admit , I'm not a horror movie fan but this was very watchable and had a real story to it rather than just straight to gore!

a wealthy property developer wipes out an Indian tribe but saves the chief for himself and of course badness and murder ensue.After our heroine discovers the truth , it turns into a will she, won't she kill him for the murder of her other half,if it means she will be the next host,or is it just a guilty concience and he is just psychoticlly living out the myth he was told?

A film really worth watching ,if you can get hold of it!(I gave it an 8)

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 6 / 10

As I gasp in surprise.

I remember seeing this particular straight-to-video feature when it first came out, and thinking that it was better than your average output within that market. It's far from great, but the 'Last Gasp' still holds up quite well upon my second viewing. I remember my interest being peaked by the inclusion of the vastly underrated actor Robert Patrick (who seemed to get stuck in a lot of b-grade stuff) and the fascinating spiritual/supernatural premise.

Leslie Chase, a heartless property developer wipes out a Totec Indian tribe for interfering with his construction, and murders the Indian chieftain. Legend has it that if you kill the chieftain the soul escapes from their dying breath and enters the nearest human. Now cursed with the sacrificial spirit, Chase tactically kills to feed his on-going taste for flesh and to please the spirits. Nora Weeks enters the frame when her boyfriend disappears, and gets a private detective to dig up where he could be and it leads her to Chase.

It begins better than it actually concludes, but the stalwart story stays stimulating and manages a few surprises up its sleeve. Even with moments of questionable side-effects and a predictable ending. What starts off as an investigative story, transcends into an intense cat and mouse match-up between Chase (who has no real control over his possession) and Weeks. For such a lesser budget it's slickly directed by Scott McGinnis, and the atmosphere is dark and eerie with a leering music score that complements it. The attacks scenes are well done and you totally feel the pain of slicing the victim's Achilles tendons. Ouch! There's a bit blood on show, but that's over-taken by the amount of nudity and soft-core sex that's weaved in. So it's a win-win for anyone who craves this in their horror entertainment. Performances are soundly delivered. Patrick is outstanding blending his suave persona with his murderous impulse and Joanna Pacula is good as she emit's a vulnerable side, but still holding a toughness about her. The gorgeous Mimi Craven (Wes Craven's ex-wife) brings a bubbly presence to her part and Vyto Ruginis makes the most as the hired-detective.

Earnest little B-feature.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10


LAST GASP is a straight-to-video horror/thriller of the 1990s. It's a rather trite and forgettable kind of story, although perhaps worth a look for fans of the genre who enjoy seeing films in their '90s heyday. The film is one of many similar thrillers that Robert Patrick made after TERMINATOR 2, when he was on the crest of a wave for a while before slipping into obscurity. He plays a slimy property developer who thinks nothing of butchering some Native Americans who are in the way of a new estate he wants to build. Unfortunately for him, the spirit of a shaman enters his body and possesses him, causing him to go on a subsequent killing spree. The beautiful Joanna Pacula ends up as the object of his obsession. This film is generally par for the course, with some semi-decent performances but generally humdrum direction and more than a little cliche about it.

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