Last Call


Biography / Drama

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Rhys Ifans as Dylan Thomas
John Malkovich as Dr. Felton
Rodrigo Santoro as Carlos
Tony Hale as Brinnan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by l-dlessmann 10 / 10

An Homage to Great Film Making

I'm a big fan of John Malkovich, love Tony Hale although I've only seen him in comedy and thought Rhys Ifans was legendary in Notting Hill so I was fascinated by the casting of Last Call but I thought that being about a revered poet it might lean towards arthousey pretentiousness especially as I knew it was partly shot in black and white. However, I found this film to be surprising and extraordinary in every way and I loved it. The script is written by the director Steven Bernstein and is beautifully poetic without being annoyingly abstract, it's also expertly directed but unique, it doesn't come together like a typical Hollywood movie, it feels unusual, and the mix of colour/black and white I interpreted as the alcoholic deliriums Thomas often inhabits lacking the colour and clarity of his more sober, vivid moments. The performances by the entire cast including Romola Garai and Zosia Mamet are outstanding; it's a pithy piece full of complicated characters all fighting to survive in Thomas's fragile narcissistic web and requires a lot of acting talent which the cast possessed in spades. Thomas at first glance is a stereotypical flawed genius but Bernstein's words and Ifans' portrayal is so complete, so somehow full of humanity whilst also being clearly monstrous that I was totally enthralled. I have some experience of loving someone who was a slave to the drink and I felt Last Call showed the desperate pain of a rabid alcoholic without making him or those who love him into victims. Last Call is about the life of one man and I'm sure Thomas would have loved it not because it is flattering but because it is art at its best; truthful and moving and really in all its aspects an homage to great film-making.

Reviewed by unthinkableak 10 / 10


My relationship with this movie is very special. Mr Bernstein visited the island of Corfu on May 2018 in order to visit the university I graduated from, Ionian University. The island was so charming that he decided to premiere his las feature film not in Athans but in Corfu. Everbody was very happy to watch the movie on the island. Then, my dear professor sent me an e-mail and told me that the movie needed to be subtitled immediately. So we decided to accept the challenge. We did the subtiling in 3 days without sleeping, eating and having to go to work every afternoon. I loved the movie so much that I could not resist. First of all, the script was magnificent. It was a pleasure to translate a high quality script that had so many intertextual references which you have to spot. All in all, the movie had its own symmetry and geometry. A movie speaking about life with all its all the joys and sorrows. A poet filled with a lust for life being exploited by everybody, all the social institutions, trying to take advantage of him, to make him feel mad and guilty because he can to bear the weight of such a cruel world. So he writes about life in a poetic way incessantly in order to find excitement.

I was staring through the cage of those meticulous ink strokes - at an absolute beauty.

  • Amadeus (1984)

Reviewed by klairi_kavvada 10 / 10

Being Dylan Thomas.

This movie is pure cinematographic magic.

In 1 hour and 41 minutes, Bernstein manages to reveal the multifaceted Dylan, a rather Herculean feat in and of itself!

A talented poet with rock star status who was self destructive, alcoholic, depressive, a great romantic, a bohemian, an intellectual and a true charmer. With the strength of his words he could easily charm his female audience.

Watching the movie gives the audience an insight to the director's mind; a genius, perfectionist , with self doubt, handsome and a healthy dose of humour. As a genuine master of light and "mise en scène", the movie exudes emotion that is supported by a stellar script.

The absence of colour instantly immerses the audience in the captivating world of Thomas and his depression in the 50's. A number of occasional well placed splashes of colour are very refreshing and mark the moments of happiness and true love as Thomas would like to include in his life. There are a number of theatrical and poetic elements throughout the story.

Bernstein masterfully balances the stellar performances of the six main protagonists.

An instant classic worth of multiple academy awards, it should be used as reference for film, art and psychology schools!

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