Las ovejas no pierden el tren

2014 [SPANISH]



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Irene Escolar as Natalia
Raúl Arévalo as Alberto
Inma Cuesta as Luisa
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Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Uneven as well as crazy comedy starred by Imma Cuesta and Raul Arevalo , new kings of Spanish comedy

A slightly funny film with entertaining incidents , silly messes and enjoyable love stories . Comical as well as romantic comedy is loaded with irony , humor with tongue-in-cheek , jokes and nutty fun . Spanish comedy filled with amusement , laughs , bemusing situations and ordinary actors . It is a diverting story about family , relatives and their ordinary life problems . It deals with a couple in crisis , Alberto (Raúl Arévalo) , a jobless journalist , and Luisa (Inma Cuesta) , a mother obsessed to have another child . They are in habitual discussion and then go to countryside to live . They have a brother , recently separated , Juan (Alberto San Juan) , and a sister , Sara (Candela Peña) , a woman obsessed to marry herself ; all of them with urban/rural problems and trying to find a solution . Then , jealousy , betrayals , despair and double-crosses emerge .

Funny comedy with romantic touches here and there ; being full of entertainment , humor and sheer amusement . Nice and fun Spanish comedy starred by good actors , including mirth , ridiculous situations , brief touches of drama and with a distinctly Spanish sense of style . It turns out to be pleasantly fun that offers no intellectual stimulus whatsoever ; an exercise in pure amusement in which entertainment and fun are guaranteed . The characters are quite odd , grotesque and weird and the film races on at incredible speed . The main premise deals with two couples with a lot of problems , all of them mixed up in all kinds of absurd , hilarious and even romantic incidents . The principal issue about the continuous meetings and ongoings disagreements between the protagonists and their intertwined loves , it is so repetitive and that makes it a little boring . This is a slightly bemusing film with entertaining events , giggles , emotion and two agreeable love stories . Humor is sometimes cheesy and gross-out with numerous picaresque situations such as sex jokes , profanities and absurd scenes . The film explores the relationship among a motley quartet and their peculiar love stories , being well played by known actors . However , it moves in fits and starts most of which would be desirable , with more traps the viewer resists any kind , and some moments of enjoyment and others quite a few embarrassing ; so , the tone of the film is light-hearted and the most part results to be rich in implausibilities and absurdities . The motion picture was written by the same director Alvaro Fernandez , an expert writer/director of notorious comedies . This is a 2014 typical Spanish comedy with the customary ingredients such as agreeable humor topped with a little bit of original touches here and there ; including mayhem , confusion , disconcerting deeds , loving triangles and a lot of fun . The movie is played mostly for laughs , but as well contains several absurd and dumb happenings . A few of the scenes are amusing , they elicit chuckles but no serious laughters . The picture attempts to spread optimism about the events of life , friendship , marriage , fidelity , optimism , and love , including its amusing sides as well as sad ones . The roles in this film are all lovable despite being rather pathetic and silly . The picture benefits a likable main cast such as Imma Cuesta , Raul Arévalo and Alberto San Juan . Special mention to Candela Peña , as a depressed girl , he steals the show as a crazed-wedding woman who often gets into trouble with his relatives so that he can get to regain a new husband . Support cast is pretty good , formed by prestigious secondaries such as Jorge Bosch , Kiti Mánver , Pepo Oliva , Miguel Rellán , Pilar Castro , Petra Martínez , Mariano Venancio and Irene Escolar ,the unforgettable Juana La Loca of Isabel series .

The cinematography by David Azcano is luxurious as well as colorful . Atmospheric and lively musical score , adding some catching songs . Well produced by Juan Gordon who has financed some international hits as ¨The Man with Rain in His Shoes¨ , ¨Cell 211¨ , ¨Even the rain¨ and "Neon Flesh" . Being skillfully proceeded by Álvaro Fernández Armero , but it turned out to one a flop at 2014 Spanish box office . This director Alvaro Armero was born in 1969 in Madrid, location where he often shoots his flicks . He is a good director and writer, expert on comedies and especially known for ¨Todo es Mentira¨ (1994), ¨Salir Pitando¨ , ¨Nada en la Nevera¨, ¨Brujas¨ and ¨El Juego De Verdad¨ certainly one of his most amusing , though also shot a successful slasher titled ¨El Arte De Morir¨. Rating : Average but passable , 5.5/10 . The picture will appeal to Spanish comedy enthusiasts , though it also packs bad taste , piggy humor , sexual scenes , profanity and grossed themes .

Reviewed by RosanaBotafogo 7 / 10

Simple and captivating...

Cute, I liked it, several couples with their dates and mismatches, fun, poor Sara, thinking she was going to get married, fun, simple and captivating...

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