2015 [FRENCH]

Drama / History / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by qui_j 2 / 10

Not well executed

This is a very poorly made film with a badly written script. It has all the hallmarks of a French film e.g histrionic acting, innumerable closeups of facial anatomy, some gratuitous sex and nudity, and a lot of smoking. There are subplots that go nowhere and a tangled web of bad writing that tells the story poorly, leaving huge plot holes for the viewer. There are some ridiculous scenes of the lead actress who does her detective work dressed in a 1950s Private Eye costume of trench coat and a fedora! Overall, it's just too poorly executed to even warrant and average rating of 5.

Reviewed by dloft59 4 / 10

Poorly made cultural thriller

When the art dealer husband of Esther, a magazine journalist in Paris, brings home an 18th- century painting for an upcoming auction, she is startled to discover her father emotionally stunned at the sight of it. In seeking to find the cause of his discomfort, she follows a trail that leads through her parents and their friends during the war, Nazi art confiscations, conspiracies between her Jewish elders, and government cover-ups. Her job is threatened, and surveillance photos of herself are emailed to her phone.

It's a bit painful to watch a fairly strong cast labor to try to make such a poorly written film work. One might be tempted to suppose the English subtitles have left too much out, but large plot holes, overlong shots that add nothing to the story, and unresolved threads suggest otherwise. This is basically an interesting plot situation, with some decent acting and stylish design and camera work, but in the end it's not a very intelligent movie.

Poor Anna Sigalevitch, who mostly does a creditable job in the lead, is forced to perform a shower scene and an erotic reconciliation with her husband that are utterly gratuitous. Best scene is her confrontation with her powerful, menacing uncle, played by veteran French actor Michel Bouquet, who sells a fairly pedestrian piece of plotting and dialogue with tremendous conviction and ambiguity.

Reviewed by blanche-2 5 / 10


"The Art Dealer" from 2015 is a somewhat confusing film about the search for paintings stolen from Jews by the Nazis.

This is not a particularly well-made film, and I had a problem with one character who appears in old movies and shows up in the present. Apparently it's the same person (it was definitely the same actor).

The star is Anna Sigalevitch, who is a good actress and deserved better. She has to carry the whole film.

This is certainly an interesting subject, but it's been covered better in "Monuments Men," "Woman in Gold," and even an excellent episode of "Law and Order" starring Karen Allen called "Survivor."

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