La compagna di banco

1977 [ITALIAN]

Action / Comedy

IMDb Rating 4.6 10 152


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Reviewed by Chip_douglas 6 / 10

The university of exploding arts

Professor Cacioppo (Gianfranco D'Angelo) and his dogsbody Salvatore (Alvaro Vitali) are two clumsy idiots working as teachers who share a flat because of their meager income. They are so poor (how poor are they?) their dinner consists of the fruit the students brought along for them. However, the prank loving students booby-trap the fruit. This is remarkable since they are still in high school as opposed to studying technology. The biggest practical jokers are as always three boys (one handsome bloke flanked by two ugly ones), complimented by three girls (one pretty, two plain). The rest of the class is just window dressing. Class beauty Simone (Lilli Carati) is supposed to to lure local Casanova Mario (Antonio Melidoni) into a trap to dish out some payback. Thus the stage is set the stage for the usual nonsense and slapstick.

Mario lives above his father (Lino Banfi in a supporting part)'s tailor shop, meaning he and his pals can spy on women undressing through a hole in the floor (as opposed to the usual Porky style bathroom peephole). One of the customers (Nikki Gentile) turns out to be a gangsters moll, so Lino starts acting gay as soon as the mobster arrives (accompanied by Ennio Morricone inspired Maranzano twang). The naughty boys then convince Salvatore that the blonde bombshell is interested in him, leading him into several potential dangerous situations. Meanwhile Professor Capioppo, who teaches both physics and gym, is introduced to a new colleague, a giant woman (Francesca Romana Coluzzi), who naturally falls for him. This leads to some amusing scenes of awkward dating (her strength equals her size) but is ultimately overshadowed by their tendency to fall victim to their student's jokes.

Of course Mario and Simone start falling in love. She also has an older suitor in an orange jeep called Frederico, but his reason for being in the script remains unclear to me. Confusion abounds when Simone takes Mario to meet her parents and he think's she's pulling his leg (that's what you get for crying wolf too many times). His own family, unaware Mario has presented a heirloom as a gift to Simone, accuse her of being a thief and the whole kit and caboodle end up at the local police station for a family reunion. Naturaly none of the schemes turn out quite the way they were planned, but rest assured the pretty people will remain untouched while their respective friends end up with a greater affection for one another, and the silly teachers with egg and cake and whatever else you can think off on their faces. None of which explains how and when these teenagers learned to build such ingenious explosive devices...

6 out of 10

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