Krrish 3

2013 [HINDI]

Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 21223


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Priyanka Chopra as Priya Mehra
Hrithik Roshan as Krishna Mehra / Krrish / Rohit Mehra
Amitabh Bachchan as Narrator
Naseeruddin Shah as Dr. Siddanth Arya
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 5 / 10

only for 12 year olds !

While it's another leap for Indian cinema considering the special effects, the movie hardly offers anything more than that. Mutants are introduced in a shoddy way. Seems like much more attention has been given to special effects than the script. It's just another superhero flick, with mutants thrown in. Even the songs are not pleasing to ears this time.

Reviewed by NpMoviez 3 / 10

Stupid and hilarious!!

As much as I adore "Koi ..... Mil Gaya" (2003) and "Krrish" (2006), I loathe their sequel i.e. the abomination named "Krrish 3". The first movie was influenced a lot by "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" (1982) and "Spider-Man" (2002). However, it had a story to tell and it did. Similarly, "Krrish" was pretty much influenced by the principles of Batman from "Batman Begins" (2005), a lot of actions from "The Matrix" (1999) among many other popular superhero films. It told a good origins story and was fine on the whole. And one more thing, their target audience were mainly the kids, so they were enjoyable enough as kids movies. But this movie? Oh hell no! Unlike the first two, it tries to be more than it is - an epic superhero movie of all times. This, despite (in its core) being a kids movie, feels like a cheesy rehash of some bad Hollywood superhero movies. As a kid's movie, it's something that even the kids will consider to be dumb, compared to other films made for them. It is superbly lazily written. It has no story inside it, the major plot points being ripped off of "X-Men: The Last Stand" (2006) mainly. That was the most commercially successful X-Men film at that time, and at the same time a pile of stinking trash. Since Bollywood wants to make money, they copied shamelessly from that movie. A lot of things are similar to "The Avengers" (2012) and "Man of Steel" (2013) regarding the destruction that takes place in the movie. There are some desi plotlines in this movie that feel incredibly hilarious. Just to make it look different, they made use of the same old story elements that is predictable to say the least. Leaving aside the Hollywood ripoff things, it creates a huge number of plot holes and inconsistencies regarding the franchise. The way Rohit speaks after the events of the first film doesn't explain itself. He was intelligent but still foolish after the events. And Krrish's powers are still not explained, which feel like the over amplification of Rohit's powers. In this movie, it feels like Krrish is a love child of Superman, Batman and The Flash rather than Rohit's son. Kangana plays the love child of Shadowcat and Mystique. Vivek Oberoi who looks like an illegal son of Saif Ali Khan in this movie, plays the love child of (drumrolls) Professor X and Magneto. And these aren't the spoilers. The only genuinely good thing about this movie is that Hrithik Roshan is really great as all the three characters - Rohit, Krishna and Krrish. The other thing I really had great time with whilst watching this nonsense was trying to figure the X-Men character they ripped off to create the character I am seeing on screen. Apart from these, nothing was there, except trashy things. The songs were useless in the first place, and to make this garbage more stinky, it greatly hampered the pacing of the movie.

Score : 3.1/10

Grade : E+

Label : Epidemic

Reviewed by venugopal19196 1 / 10

Plagiarism..Plagiarism... Everywhere

Literally, each and every character, most of the action scenes, and dialogs in the film are inspired, or say blatantly copied from the Hollywood superhero films. X Men, Batman, Superman.. You name a comic hero, you got him in this film. Even the background score is lifted from Inception and The Dark Knight. And the worst part is that this plagiarism didn't pay off in the end. The screenplay was very poor. Action sequences looked too much fabricated, super slow, and lacked depth. It's a congery of B-grade visual effects, melodrama, and toothless humor.

Final word: If you're are an eleven year old with no Hollywood experience, it's a treat for you. Or else, don't bother watching it.

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