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Paul Winfield as Ron Regent
Tony Plana as Chuck Alvarado
Maria Conchita Alonso as Carmen Alvarado
Tony Burton as Segent Hawkins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by number909 7 / 10

Positive characters, no guns or drugs.

I don't like boxing, don't understand the attraction. I did like this movie. Positive portrayals of Latinos, with no drugs, sex or street violence. The plot actually showed stable, loving families. The fight sequences are violent, as is boxing, but not as over the top as Rocky films. Nothing wrong with attempting familiar themes with a different angle and ethnicity. It's a good rent.

Reviewed by lvecrft 3 / 10

Predictable storyline sinks good idea

It's about time for a female boxing flick, but this one ain't it. Though the acting isn't too bad, the predictable storyline and silly dialogue pretty much ruin this one from the get go. To top it off, the boxing scenes display zero tension. Come on! How hard is it to make a boxing match seem exciting??!!

Reviewed by Chillie4077 1 / 10

The Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen!

This movie was terrible! My friend and I were so bored by it we fast forwarded through the last half of the movie just to see what happened. It's the typical sports thing, she either wins or she loses. The only remotely interesting thing was when the one guy refers to someone as a Veg-e-tab-le. That will be a line my friend and I bring up for years to come reminding us of this colossal cheesy cliche waste of time

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