Knights of Newgate


Action / Adventure / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 3.4 10 51

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cedna-27335 10 / 10

Knights of Newgate

Great fun film for kids...thought the characters were great... really funny scenes... The casting was first rate. The two brothers Lester and Addie carried the plot with constant humour throughout.

Reviewed by nachtlager-10229 3 / 10

Good try of Acting. Ignore all the Rest!

The Acting is ok so far for a B or C Movie.

BUT it looks like a try of " Example " to spare EVERY kind of Set. AND it FAILED!

Much sorry, but the whole Movie is NOT even 1 second true set. Its a 100 % Greenscreen thing.

AND the worst. The Grafik level is about Resident Evil 4 GAME ( not remastered and not even bit close to the Remake levels ) .

Even some Actuall Games, who dont need high End Computers have better look then this whole Movie in every scene.

It looks like a School 3D Rendering Program, at more or less beginner or light Advanced level Person, who did the whole " Scenes " and actors only added with Greenscreen.

Reviewed by thomasfrancisjones-12-92365 5 / 10

Better graphics, higher rating

This was a fun and interesting storyline with good acting. Although they could have shortened the pre-story; perhaps even animating that part with an animal style story board. The storyline of the main body of the movie grabbed my attention after almost loosing me on the former.

It amazes me that in 2021 the producers thought the background graphics would be suitable for entertaining an audience. I found the poor background graphics to be distracting as I tried to enjoy what I saw as the good points of this movie. I think it probably would have sold better with better graphics; don't they have computers to do all this? (JK) Next time spring for the software upgrade. Would better graphics saved this project, in a word, yes!

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