King Kong Lives


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Jeff Bridges as Jack Prescott
Linda Hamilton as Amy Franklin
Mike Starr as Cell Guard #2
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mothra-4 5 / 10

The dating scene is tough when you're a 50 ft. monkey

Yep. It's a terrible movie, but worth watching for the laughs. When King Kong and Lady Kong first meet, they gaze into each other's eyes - and Pow! It's love at first sight! - and the Love Theme from King Kong Lives starts swelling up in the background - it brought tears to my eyes. Because I was laughing so hard I was close to weeping. This movie goes beyond its weird anthropomorphism and bad writing to achieve an unprecedented new level of cheese.

There are other fun moments, like when Kong starts climbing a mountain that is VERY obviously some painted plywood stuck to the side of a stepladder.

If you feel like watching something silly, or if you want to see a giant monkey trying to get to second base, this movie is for you!

Reviewed by poolandrews 6 / 10

"Well, we should have no problem identifying the enemy, their approximately 50 feet tall & wearing their birthday suit's." So bad it's good.

King Kong Lives starts off with the final few minutes from the original King Kong (1976) as the giant Gorilla seemingly falls to his death from the World Trade Center in New York. Jump to 'Atlanta Institute, Georgia Ten Years Later' where they have Kong (Peter Elliott) on a life support system waiting to undergo a heart transplant(!). Dr. Amy Franklin (Linda Hamilton) is ready to perform the operation but Kong needs a steady supply of blood to survive the procedure, as luck would have it diamond mercenary Hank Mitchell (Brian Kerwin) has found a lady Kong (George Yiasoumi) while trekking through the Borneo jungle. In no time whatsoever the institute has brought the female & the operation has taken place with the artificial heart going in nicely. The operation is a success & Kong lives, the institute decides to keep both Gorillas but when Kong hears the female call out he uses all his strength to break free from his chains & go in search of a mate, obviously the United States Army can't have giant apes running around can they so it's up to Colonel Nevitt (John Ashton) to capture them by whatever means necessary...

Directed by John Guillermin &, according to the IMDb an uncredited Charles McCracken, this is the sequel to the '76 remake of King Kong which Guillermin also directed. In my humble opinion I think King Kong Lives is one of those so-bad-it's-good abominations that I simply can't believe someone green lighted & trust me King Kong Lives is a bad film through & through. The script by Roland Shusett & Steven Pressfield is absolutely hilarious at times, you won't know weather to laugh or cry at some of the stuff that makes it's way into this film. I think King Kong Lives is meant to be a serious film but scenes such as the heart transplant complete with massive over-sized medical instruments, the giant artificial heart that needs to be lowered into Kong's chest using a crane(!) & all filmed in complete seriousness, there's a bit when Kong manages to 'sneak' up behind an entire platoon of soldiers, for Christs sake Kong is a 50 foot Gorilla couldn't any of these dumb soldiers see him? The scenes in which Kong & Lady Kong romanticise with hugs, 'I love you' type looks & Kong wanting to give her something so he uproots a bunch of trees & tries to give her those! The entire concept is bizarre, daft & just complete total & utter nonsense while at times it becomes embarrassing to watch. But having said that it moves along like a rocket & is never dull or boring, when all said & done I found King Kong Lives to be a throughly entertaining film for all the wrong reasons.

Director Guillermin messes everything up, there is no excitement, scares, tension or any action although it is quite funny on numerous occasions. The whole mood of the film is wrong considering just how stupid it is. There are a few snippets of violence & gore, Kong's removed heart, someone is snapped in two, Kong eats someone as well as a load of crocodiles & he gets shot at the end.

With a supposed budget of over $30,000,000 King Kong Lives is a travesty, where did all the money go? The special effects are worse than the '76 version in my opinion because of the 10 year gap, didn't special effects move on at all during that period? If you put King Kong '76 & King Kong Lives side-by-side you would think not. It really is just a man in a rubber monkey suit from beginning to end, the full size hand & arm shots are awful as they just look so stiff & unnatural. For 30 big ones King Kong Lives is a shoddily produced film & doesn't look the part at all. The acting is about as good as you would expect from such a silly film, I wonder if the cast knew how bad this was going to turn out to be?

King Kong Lives provides 100 odd minutes of pure entertainment for me, it's a crap film but it's just so bad it's good. It's a bit like a train wreck, you know you shouldn't look but you can't take your eyes off it. An absolute treat for bad film fans!

Reviewed by Horror_Metal 6 / 10

King Kong Lives (1986) is a pretty good sequel

I have yet to read a positive review for this extremely underrated mildly amusing sequel to the 1976 remake of King Kong, which was also a great movie but not as good as the original smash fest of the 30s. A decade after our hero fell from the World Trade Center to his death, the big ape receives a heart transplant from a giant female gorilla of the same species, Lady Kong, who he falls in love with. The first time I heard this idea I figured this movie would suck and just be two guys in gorilla suits romancing over each other. But having loved its predecessor I had to check out this truly unique film. Unlike the rest of the Kong series this is more like a popcorn film that is here strictly to entertain us and isn't as deep as the previous films. Another kool thing is that Kong doesn't fall in love with a human girl (like every other Kong movie) but with an equal size girl ape which is, I think, a tremendous idea. Linda Hamilton (who I've always loved from the Terminator series) almost plays the same character she played from Dante's Peak and is responsible for Kong's blood transfusion. She is a great actress and came out of this movie OK. Indiana Jones wannabe Brian Kerwin plays her love interest and is also responsible for Kong's rebirth upon capturing Lady Kong. He does a superb job as well. The army is constantly causing problems for the ape couple but our two heroes (Hamilton and Kerwin) successfully stop them and near the end the two big apes have a Baby Kong (possibly setting up for another sequel). Yes this movie could have been called Bride of Kong and had a lot of high quality action scenes, some of which are actually quite gory for a Kong film (heads being bit off, people being tore in half, rubber alligators being chewed up) and seems a lot like a Godzilla film. Sure the plot gets a little silly and having two giant gorillas cuddle each other and act like humans is a bit much, but all the cheesy scenes are mediocre at best. And yes I did hate some of it, mostly the army scenes and the rubber alligator scene (really bad FX there) but being the sixth film in the Kong series, what more do you want? Seeing Kong smash stuff will make me happy. I now have this film in my Kong DVD collection along with King Kong '33, Son of Kong, and King Kong '76 (the two Japanese films will join them soon), I even have Might Joe Young though I don't count that as part of the series. I have now reviewed all the Kong films except the brand new 2005 remake which i simply can't wait to see. Review for that coming soon! Overall, I really enjoyed this film and it wasn't as bad as I expected nor as bad as people say. I give this worthy entry to the Kong series and great sequel to the 70's movie a 6/10.

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