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Chloe Pirrie as Jane
Fiona Shaw as Margaret
Anton Lesser as Dr. Richards
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lakicia 7 / 10

Draws you in. Ending eh

The acting is great by everyone in the movie. The creepiness and mystery qas setup nicely.

The lead making typical victim errors like speeding when they finally get away instead of simply driving carefully, and not leaving the house earlier like any other black woman would (lol), really took away from the movie.

I agree with others that it had Rosemary's Baby and Get Out vibes. But the movie didn't scream that the writer was trying to recreate or mimic them to me.

Took 2 stars away for the ending. I agree with others in that I wish they would've tied up the mysterious loose endings like: was the boyfriend really dead? We never really saw him. How did they turn her friend Jane against her? Was Jane in on the cover up of the boyfriend's "death"? How is Margaret gonna raise a black baby as her own without any questions being raised, if that was the scheme? Seems a bit off to me. How does a hospital just hand a baby over to a man just cause he says he's the dad, without proof? What history- mentioned by the nurse- does Charlotte have in her past? We know her mom's history but the hospital doesn't know that. And why didn't they reveal Charlotte's history to us?

Uhhhh so many questions

Reviewed by joker-4 8 / 10

An undulating thriller

The success of a slow-moving thriller depends on the progression of the threat and the characters' belief in their peril. Else, the true disaster arrives as a resolution and - even worse, compadre? - an explosion of wasted time. Kindred might move at a zombie pace (the Romero type, eh) but is a triumph in turning a regular brew into a tasty pumpkin spice latte.

Both suspenseful and dramatic, Kindred is an undulating thriller full of second-guesses and betrayal under the tight enclosure of a manipulative family while remaining ohso perfectly British, quiches and all.

Kindred marks the full-feature debut for director Joe Marcantonio, and in any other year, this would have been a word-of-mouth hit at indie theaters. Marcantonio masters the slow burn. The setting is a properly-stuffy English manor that is foreboding and beautiful... until one notices the inner decay eating away at the wallpaper; hidden mold breaking through the cracks. Similarly, the movie starts out sunny and hopeful only to end in gloom and despair. Marcantonio is never flashy - until he needs to be - and often quiet, until the noise screams through.

Following the accidental death of her boyfriend, mother-to-be Charlotte is taken in by his estranged mother, Margaret, and her adult step-son, Thomas. At first their help and care is welcome until Charlotte becomes aware that they truly only want her unborn child to carry on the family name. Dread brings the realization that once the child is born, what need is there of the mother? Like Jonathan Harker in Castle Dracula, Charlotte's role transforms from guest to that of prisoner.

Charlotte's paranoia escalates as the narrative pushes forward. Her damaged phone is never returned. And what is being mixed in with her tea? Or is all this confusion an onset of rushing hormones? Even attempts at escape merely result in tighter restrictions. Charlotte wants the child but she desires her freedom all the more.

Running at 101 minutes, Kindred feels double that. Yet that distortion in time allows Marcantonio to fill this cinematic world with real and full moments: the sorrow at the death of Ben, Charlotte's paramour; the comfort of a cuppa divorced by the revolting poison within; the overwhelming joy over the possibility of freedom; questioning the duty of family and the role of motherhood. Kindred might be frustratingly slow, yet it is also thoroughly entertaining.

Reviewed by franzaugustgraf 3 / 10

A fairly interesting ride to nowhere

I have liked Fiona Shaw's work and thought that I would look at this picture as she was in it.

Atmospherically and acting wise, it sustained my interest. There seemed to be the elements of a good story and it kept me guessing right along as to what the final revelation might be.

When it got to the end, I just could not believe what a let down it was. The whole film led absolutely nowhere and to not have an adequate explanation to all that went before was quite devastating if not disappointing.

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