Killing Michael Jackson



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O.J. Simpson as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anninaturman 9 / 10

Finally the FACTS of this case.

Huge respect to the officers from LAPD for getting together to make this documentary happen, finally the facts revealed without any paparazzi-images or media circus ; as they said, it was not , in their opinion, 'involuntary' manslaughter but clearly a 2nd degree murder. Thank you for your work, officers.

Reviewed by backofthevan 8 / 10

Respectfully done

I was afraid it would be a morbid National Enquirer-style display of gossip and half-truths, but the three detectives interviewed told their stories of their investigation into the death of Michael Jackson with great respect for him, which I appreciate.

They showed no judgement of him, no segues into innuendo about his private life, just stuck to the facts of the case and how they quickly came to the conclusion that Conrad Murray was responsible for MJ's death, and grievously so.

They produced the evidence they found that showed Murray to be criminally and shockingly careless in his treatment of MJ, to the point of leaving him to die alone, unmonitored, on a Propofil drip of his (Murray's) own disastrous design. As long as he got his $150k a month, that's all he was concerned about. And he made sure he'd cleaned up some of the evidence of his wrong-doing BEFORE calling 911, probably half an hour or so after MJ had already passed away.

He should have received a life sentence for murder. Instead, he served only two years and is out walking around, free to enjoy life. Too bad Michael Jackson didn't get the same break.

Reviewed by jasondrew-74905 10 / 10

Clearly murder

It is very clear that Michael Jackson was killed by his doctor. After watching this and still say he wast then you are in denial.

Michael Jackson was truly a beautiful man who was to nice for his own good. Its a shame they killed him. But then again he was to good for this world. So RIP

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