Killer Among Us


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Chris Stack as Clint
Kate Rogal as Destiny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dlcvely 10 / 10

sus blue???

Ngl this movie was realll sussy bro but i knew blue was sus at the beginning.

Reviewed by a_baron 7 / 10

Killer Among Us

If you ignore the thinly disguised though obvious political agenda, this isn't a bad thriller. A serial killer who has been preying on young black prostitutes with impunity is caught in flagrante delicto kidnapping his next victim, but bluffs his way out of it. The off-duty rookie female patrol officer concerned follows up with a typical policeman's hunch, or policewoman's in this case, and after convincing a cynical older detective that evil is afoot, they launch a missing person investigation.

Then the bad guy loses it, stabbing to death a white nightclub worker and shooting dead a shopkeeper in quick succession, the second because he realises the game is up. The finale isn't quite what you would expect, suffice it to say it's lucky this guy was a humble serial killer rather than a terrorist because in his woodland hideaway he had enough ordnance to blow up half the county.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 3 / 10

We are going to save this one

Alisha (Yasha Jackson) is a rookie cop who witnesses the abduction of a prostitute. She eventually convinces her boss it is a real issue and they go after the killer.

The killer was a master at disguise and used some sort of key to steal cars, yet the background for his skills and trade were not well developed. They kill your interest in order to shorten the feature into a badly generic film.

Guide: F-word. Sex. No nudity.

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