Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor


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Jean-Claude Van Damme as Kurt Sloane
Nicholas Guest as Casey Ford
Thom Mathews as Bill
Sasha Mitchell as David Sloan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by roh3220 4 / 10

The cheese drips from the screen.

I just purchased Kickboxer 4 on DVD as a double feature with Kickboxer 5 and I must confess that my expectations were not high. Kickboxer 4 once again stars Sasha Mitchell(Kickboxer 2&3) as David Sloane and is directed by Albert Pyun(Kickboxer2&Cyborg) The first thing that struck me about Kickboxer 4, is its low budget and amateurish quality.

The movie begins by giving a rundown of the previous Kickboxer movies and quickly establishes how David Sloane was framed by his enemy Tong Po and sent to prison. It isn't long however before David is approached by the F.B.I and given a chance to seek revenge against Tong Po by entering Tong Po's one million dollar prize fight tournament.

In a silly subplot David's wife has been held prisoner by Tong Po for two years, so once David is accepted into the tournament, he sneaks around Tong Po's Mexican villa searching for his captive wife.

The dialogue in this film is pretty worthless and the film's only redeeming feature is the fight scenes which are frequent but fairly inferior. The most defective part of this film, is the character playing Tong Po. It isn't the same actor from Part 1&2 playing the part and I must say that the bad make-up job to make the actor resemble Tong Po looks ridiculous and completely laughable.

I don't recommend Kickboxer 4 to anyone, unless you're in the mood for pure cheese. I give the film 2 out of ten and even that is being generous.

Reviewed by The Bronson Fan 4 / 10

Only good for a laugh.

Spoilers are here. Where can i begin with the the Kickboxer series. To start with there should not have been a series. The first kick boxer was a fun watch with Van Damme while the ones that followed were boring and for the most part stupid. They continued with yet another brother that also had no family resemblance to Van Damme or his movie role brother Eric (jerry curl) from the first film and dished out enough bad acting to that each movie became progressively more funny. So in kickboxer 4 we have David Sloan (Sasha Mitchell) in jail for killing someone while he was a DEA agent and is now getting a chance to get Tong Po who has now taken his wife and managed to change into another actor, establish a base in the Mexican desert and runs a huge drug operation there. The DEA deside rather then storming the base they send David to enters Po's lame tournameant and get Po. eventually making it into the place he meets and annoying female fighter and some other guy there to help him and get his wife back. There are many fights in between all very boring, especially the female....very dumb. After having to put up with her acting you will be begging for her to be killed. David manages to have a fight about 20 feet away from Po and he does not recognize David, probably all the fake eye make up. David is found out and ends up fighting Tong Po in a very stupid fight. David gets his wife back and Po runs off to go produce The Legionnaire...nuff said. I have seen 1-4 and this is probably ranked 3rd among them. As i did only watch this when its on tv. The fight scenes are bad and the acting is equally stupid. Among other things Tong po's make up is the best part of the movie. He was not played by an Asian guy so the eye make up they put on him is worth the watch alone. While watching this i almost positive that this tong Po was no match for david, who is much bigger then him. Only the music was good in this cheap flick. I'll give it a 4 out of 10, at least it makes you laugh.

Reviewed by LosAngelesLegend 8 / 10

One of my favorites

I like this movie as cheesy as people may think it is. C'mon what did you expect out of Sasha Mitchell? An Oscar performance? these are the types of movies that your dad will watch on the action channel or just find at the local Wal Mart in some bargain bin. These movies aren't expected to rake in some bank at the box office so get over it. They're supposed to be down to earth bad. You're a fool if you expect something like this to be very good.

There's a lot of action in this movie, and a lot of fighting. The plot is as simple as it gets, infiltrate the enemy base as a world fighter who's invited to a tournament avoid getting seen and rescue your wife from the nemesis. For those who trashed the movie Double Dragon, ha ha Kickboxer 4 would've made for a nice Double Dragon replacement. It's a far better movie with the same kind of story as in the video game.

Tong Po spits out one of my favorite lines of all time in this movie. It's when he says and the way he says, "One MILLION Dolla!!!" LOL Seriously every time my friend and I are gonna attempt a 3 point shot from somewhere, or a long shot in basketball, try to touch a high point and jump, we always refer to Tong Po's "One Million Dolla!" line. Priceless. Tong Po takes the beating of his life at the end of this film. Loved it.

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