June 9


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dutchchocolatecake 8 / 10


This is a very original movie with a twist at the end you have to sit through the credits for. The viewer bonds with the characters through the first hour of the film, as clues about Hell Town are dropped between pranks. This is a movie where you have to pay attention to see where the story is going. There are many scenes that freaked me out. After that it starts to pick up, culminating in a quick and hideous end. The shock is not just what happened to the Boston Mill Five, but who did it and why.

If you google Hell Town Ohio, and follow the coordinates on the Wiki page to Google Maps; a satellite view of the area looks almost exactly like the area shown at the end of the movie. Definitely adds to the creep factor, for sure.

Reviewed by TuesdayThe17th 7 / 10

There is a place in the woods...

"June 9". A group of friends from school film themselves doing pranks in their local area, upping the ante each time. The date is shown to be June 4 when the movie opens, and, even after a few very scary encounters, the ring leader of the group pushes the friends further and further down the rabbit hole of risk, inching slowly towards the inevitable "June 9", where their story culminates to a rip roaring demise for all.

After waiting for 6 years for this movie to get a proper release, I have finally added it to my ever growing collection of horror and genre films. This is maybe one of the rarest found footage films out there and its definitely one to own. Support indie filmmakers. With that being said, "June 9" plays out just as I'd thought. This movie was filmed in 2008 so it has that old school feel to it a bit which only helps the authenticity of the film. Done on a very low budget, its still basically a success, though this movie does move at a slow pace. I recommend this movie to found footage fans and collectors because otherwise, it may be ragged on.

Reviewed by Margera4445 9 / 10

One of the more disturbing films of the hand-held genre.

I can remember when I saw the film 'REC' on suggestion from a friend and I was terrified by it. Then, a few months later, I was scrolling through a selection of movies and I found this film. I picked it out and watched it the full way through. By the end, I was in shock by what I'd seen.

Bear in mind, this film isn't award-winning acting or plot, but the style in which it's executed is all but horrid, managing to flawlessly pull off the style of the late 90's, the year being 1999 in the film.

-Plot- A gang of friends decide to go around from town to town causing mischief and mayhem on the locals and catching everything on their hand-held camera. What they don't realize is that the pranks they pulled off on the locals of a town called Boston Mills didn't go unnoticed and, as such, have stirred up the hive. Soon, the trips to Boston Mills become more and more bizarre, leading to the massacre of the four teens by the townfolk in a cornfield. Each teen is killed in some gruesome, maniacal way, one young woman sustained a direct jab from the rough edge of a sledgehammer to the forehead while another received repeated blows to the skull with a rock from another crazed local. Another short film during the credits reveals that the teens were carved up and fed to pigs while their belongings were stored and sifted through by the locals in a shed behind a church.

The plot seems recycled from the 70's crazed killer movies, but the execution is nearly flawless. With solid and realistic acting from most of the characters followed up by a gruesome and truly disturbing ending that you thought would've been tamer, this film is truly a hidden gem in the sinking ship that is the horror film genre.

-Overall- 'June 9' attempted and managed to pull off a P.O.V hand-held film that would normally go along nicely using a regular 35mm. The feeling that you get from the film is that you're accompanying these teens on some sort of adventure that is abruptly halted by a sickening ending. You watch as these four kids you traveled about with are slaughtered mercilessly and you can do nothing about it. These are nightmares that every person has when they'd watch films like Deliverance or even Jason and, for that, 'June 9' will always remain my pick as one of the better horror movies to come out of 2008.

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