2020 [FRENCH]

Drama / Fantasy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 750

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Noémie Merlant as Jeanne Tantois
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dominic-894-428954 1 / 10

The Real Wally

The majority of the film is shot in the dark, long scenes of barely lit rooms or locations that you cannot really make out. This reflects the tone for the rest of the film. Woman with useless mother "falls in love" with fairground ride and then marries machine. Thats it.

Reading other reviews clearly implies that I am not "open" and miss the point. I imagine the point is something to do with "most men are less expressive of emotional connection so may as well marry a machine". Throw in a little useless maternal contempt and, sure why wouldn't anyone reasonably conclude that a JCB is more reliable. I'd rather marry my blender than watch this again.

Reviewed by rubenm 6 / 10

When a machine loves a woman

Zoé Wittock has not chosen the easy way for her first feature film. A movie about a cleaning lady falling in love with an amusement park attraction: it sounds like a bad joke. But in fact, Wittock takes it quite seriously. The film is appealing because of the way she tells the story: the love affair is not shown in a problematic or laughable way. It's just a little bit different and out of the ordinary, that's all. The other good thing about this film is the lead actress. Noémie Merlant is excellent as the shy girl Jeanne, who is happier in the company of a colourful machine than when she is spending time with other humans. Those who have seen her as the painter in 'Portrait d'une jeune fille en feu' will admire her versatility even more. The strange relationship between woman and machine is shown in some very good scenes, one of which, suggesting even sexual emotions, really stands out for its creativity. The flip side is that, apart from the subject matter and the lead actress, there is not so much special about the film. The other characters are not well developed, the story is rather thin, and the ending feels a bit contrived. This is a nice little movie, with a healthy dose of weirdness. But one unusual idea is not enough to carry a whole film.

Reviewed by achmoye 8 / 10

Original subject with zero judgment

Zoé Wittock is already known for "Portrait d'une jeune fille en feu" which also features the main actress Noémie Merlant.

I loved Jumbo and the objectophily is treated with as much respect and sensitivity as Zoé could. Jeanne is shy and fragile, different than the others schoolgirls like her, and she gradually feels spellbound by this big attraction, which she calls Jumbo. Jumbo is full of lights and it's a pretty intense attraction so Jumbo can actually make her feel something than nothing else can. So the emotional aspect is not just totally inside Jeanne's head ; there is also Jumbo's part, and even some surnatural, maybe symbolic animation from the object, but it's very poetic and discrete. I love the way this was handled, with much parcimony. There is a clear message at the end, an incentive to make us respect this special sexuality that really isn't bothering any one except the most narrow-minded. Jeanne only asks one thing, to be left alone and spend some time with Jumbo, but somehow this is too much to ask the whole society is despising her, it's really frustrating to watch, with still a positive shift at the end. There is even interesting aesthetics and photography, with the sensuality between Jeanne and Jumbo, without ever falling into graphic sexuality. It's subtle and beautiful. We must salute the director's initiative because this is a very touchy subject and she went all-in to propose us something new, something original and different. This is what I want to see in cinema. Anyone can appreciate this, I recommend.

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