Adventure / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 367

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wandernn1-81-683274 4 / 10

OMG I Cried So much at the end!!

Just kidding. Altho it was well filmed this movie seemed pretty average. Was this a Lifetime movie of the week? That's the impression I had. Predictable plot. Not really any good twists or turns. Really can't give it more than a 5 and that's probably being generous.

Reviewed by dhvollen 6 / 10

Good potential, but major flaws

It was a decent movie, the some of the acting was a little stilted but genuine. There were three flaws. First, it is billed as a thriller/horror film. It is not a horror film. This could've been a Lifetime channel movie, easily. Second, (spoiler alert) it is easy to deduce that there are indeed two women involved and for reasons that undercut the story. The adoptive/driving mother never speaks to Jordan until the accident.What kind of mother doesn't talk or sing to or laugh with her little girl? When I write that the woman never made a word or sound to this little girl, I mean it - creepy silence. In fact, it was the only time I thought the movie might be a horror movie, the way the driving/adoptive mother never said a word to the little girl.No matter what Jordan said the adoptive mother says nothing until the car goes off the road and she instructs Jordan to go get help. So while the audience is unable to compare vocal traits, it's still pretty much given away from the complete lack of engagement from the adoptive/driving mother that you're dealing with two mothers. Ironically, the biological/kidnapping mother is totally engaging with Jordan. The third floor is, how easy would have been to simply check where is Jordan went to school or other living relatives to do a verification. I understand where they were isolated but people still have telephones and fax machines and cell phones.

Reviewed by iprobablywatchtoomanymovies 4 / 10

I really wanted to like this.

I really wanted to like this. I really did. The plot looked interesting and the characters were interesting. I was pleasantly surprised to see main characters (Sheriff and family) who were not stereotypically white.

The little girl was fantastic. She held the entire movie together for me.

But I just couldn't buy the birth mother kidnapping her own kid. The birth mother shouldn't have a birth certificate if she gave the little girl up for adoption.

Was the little girl and her mom escaping from the birth mother? Is that why they were driving so far and so quickly in a single day? If so, why didn't the mom call authorities? She had every right to deny access. I wanted more backstory about the birth mom being so unhinged that the girl and her mom had to get away from her. The suicide at the end was pretty unbelievable, imho, and I say that as a mental health practioner.

We didn't really learn anything about this little girl at all. And anyone worth their salt would believe a little girl when she says this person is not her mom.

Too many plot holes for me to even begin to suspend disbelief, unfortunately. As I said, I really wanted to like this.

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