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Comedy / Music / Mystery / Romance

IMDb Rating 7 10 58

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by smoooge 8 / 10

A wonderfully sweet ghost story set in Cape Cod

This is one of the little movies that more people ought to see. It is a well shot, no budget flick filmed on Cape Cod about two lovable shmoes who only want to continue mowing lawns, but their equipment is quite antiquated. They need money for a new lawn mower and this mysterious woman appears and tells them about lost treasure. It is a wonderful take on the traditional Cape Cod ghost story, filled with sweet characters and inventive camera shots.

Reviewed by Lee-57 9 / 10

quirky, feel-good movie; really liked the music

We really enjoyed this movie. The music and setting were especially impressive. We wish it were available on video!

We weren't sure if we were going to continue watching this movie at first...but it grew on us. At the end, we were sad that it was over already!

If you heard a synopsis of the plot line, you might not be compelled to watch this movie but we thought it had a unique charm. A sweet, quirky but well-done little movie!

Reviewed by La Gremlin 9 / 10

"I got the Williams!" - Joe # 2

I won't describe this movie in detail because when my friends and I (literally) stumbled across it, we had no idea what it was. It's a very charming combination of a buddy picture and a romantic ghost story. That and you'll learn all you need to know about mowing lawns.

So, if you happen to find this at your local video store, bring it home for the family and don't tell them what it's all about. It's adorable, quotable, and definitely worth searching for.

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