JL Family Ranch: The Wedding Gift


Action / Family / Western

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 267


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Jon Voight as John Landsburg
James Caan as Tap Peterson
Bo Derek as Claudia Dupri
Trevor Donovan as Brady Landsburg
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by janeshstewart 6 / 10

Almost there

To me, this movie didn't flow with enough connections between the various characters. I kept being puzzled. During the movie, I started looking on the internet and found out it was a movie series from Hallmark Drama, which I don't have on my provider, so I had not seen. This then made a little more sense to me. Teri Polo and Dylan Walsh had me watching to the end because I was vested enough in their story to want to find out what happened. The main drawback was the overview background that was assumed a viewer would understand, but I didn't.

Reviewed by chrisfiegler 7 / 10

J.L.Family Ranch:The Wedding Gift

I thought that J.L.Family Ranch :The Wedding Gift was a good western and I bought the DVD.

Reviewed by bluemoon-94113 5 / 10

Predictable Storyline, slow moving

OK, I made it through this film. I somehow got the feeling I had missed something, like I had tuned in to a soap opera already in progress. It seems that there was a previous film and then it sort of made sense. The problem is some people never saw the first one and didn't know the characters. It was a miscalculation to make the assumption that viewers joining the ranch would know what was going on. Anyhow the script and story were predicable. Acting, for the most part, was mediocre. Voight and Caan have, as a friend of mine used to say, have "reached." Teri Polo and, surprisingly, Bo Derek gave charming and credible performances considering the script they had to work with. It was a mishmash, choppy and hard to follow. It may put you to sleep, so if you need a good nap, go for it. As for me, I hope Hallmark puts this ranch project on permanent hiatus.

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