2019 [KOREAN]

Crime / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by contactmaz 5 / 10

An average film with average acting

Reminded me of a long and drawn out soap opera.

There were some good moments but other moments were so long and drawn out. I mean, how long does it take you to open a door? When the police came at the end because the woman said she was being attacked, I mean, would they just bang on the door and wait to be let in? Also, how inept are those cops and Korean justice? As for the lead actor, OMG, I just wanted to slap him and say, "Dude, man up you wimp!"

The film was a bit disjointed with its 5 months before, 2 weeks later type style and the plot was a bit daft. Bordering on the side of 'not really possible' just for the sake of being different. Wouldn't really recommend this. Korean crime films are normally very good but not this I'm afraid.

Reviewed by ramisaakter 7 / 10

Reallyyy good suspense

If you're looking for suspense and murder mystery then this movie is for you. I won't say, it is the best or one of the best movies but it isn't bad at all. It kept you edge of the seat whole time and keep you guessing.

The movie evolves with a man whose wife is murdered and his best friend is caught in charge of murdering. On the other hand,his friend's wife begins begging for her husband and tries to convince him. Somehow,he is convinced and he along with her begin looking for evidence to prove his friend's innocence. He started digging for evidence and finds out a unknown man video footage who came to his house, the day when the incident occured. He also finds out more than he excepted to be found. His wife having affair with his own best friend and his friend's wife also knew about their affair.

So,Who really killed his wife? Is it really his friend! Then why?

Again who was the man that came that day?

Reviewed by ggaram 4 / 10

Casting is good

Victim's husband moved in six month after the case is closed. Washed the house thoroughly and get his house back in shape. I stopped watching when he reconstruct the murder scene later. Doesn't make sense at all.

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