Jin zhuang da jiu dian

1988 [CN]


IMDb Rating 5.2 10 53


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crossbow0106 4 / 10

Doesn't Quite Hold Up

Not an installment of the British Carry On series, this is a Hong Kong film about the goings on in a fairly upscale hotel. Hidden cameras abound and you are treated to a dizzying array of slapstick nonsense. Some of it is marginally funny but it is more a silly film. It has comedic actors in it, like Jacky Cheung, Joey Wang, Eric Tsang and Cherie Cheung but the film really doesn't hold your interest. Its more humor for humor's sake and a lot of the situations appear labored. Its a little risqué at times, but only marginally. Although it passes the time and is not too long, I don't recommend it. The aforementioned actors have all done better in other films. This one doesn't quite hold up.

Reviewed by OllieSuave-007 2 / 10

Plot less mumbo jumbo.

This is a plot-less nonsensical comedy that is set in a hotel high-rise. Basically, we get to see the silly lives of a bunch of goofy people, with hidden cameras in their hotel rooms. From the hypnosis wannabe Donald Ng (Richard Ng) to the foul-mouthed Mr. Lau (Kent Cheng), the nonsensical stuff was horribly acted out and provided no substance or intrigue. Only the bit part with the Tour Guide (Eric Tsang) trying to get away from two psycho women (Cherie Chung, Pat Ha) provided a hint of entertainment. And, the movie somehow segued into a love story triangle with Jacky Cheung, Cherie Chung and Cecilia Yip, which also provided some level of entertainment and substance. But, other than that, don't waste your time with this film. There's really nothing to see here.

Grade D---

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